120×10^4 Kcal/h Natural Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler in Bangladesh

Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler in Bangladesh
Natural Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler in Bangladesh

Mode: Natural Gas Thermal Oil Boiler

Capacity: 120×10^4 Kcal/h

Application: Textile Mill

The customer's textile mill has many production lines, which use a general heating boiler for unified heat supply. It's very convenient to manage, and it won't occupy too much land. It's a cost-effective way to save money in Bangladesh.

With the stable gas source in Bangladesh, more and more industries have started to use natural gas as fuel to run boilers. This customer also chose natural gas-fired heat-transfer oil boiler.

Natural gas is a kind of clean energy. Its main component is methane. When fully burned, only carbon dioxide and water will be generated. There is no need to worry about flue gas emission.

The production time of heat-transfer oil boiler is 1 month, and the installation time in the factory is 1 month. The Thermal oil boiler has been one year since the debugging. The customer's factory has been in normal operation without any interruption of gas supply. Under our suggestion, our customers also have their own gas storage system in case of emergency.

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