200×10^4 Kcal/h Wood Chip Thermal Oil Boiler Prices in Vietnam

Mode: Wood Chip Boiler

Capacity: 200×10^4 Kcal/h

Application: Food Processing

We can't live without food every day. And the food processing plant is inseparable from the boiler.

The wood chip Thermal Oil Boiler is very useful in the food processing plant! From the drying and dehydration of raw materials to the high-temperature sterilization of finished products, as long as the high temperature is needed, boilers are indispensable.

Now, the wood chip Thermal Oil Boiler has been more and more used in the food processing plant. This enterprise is the chain grate burning biomass heat-transfer oil boiler. The fuel is the waste produced by the factory, rice husk, and other biomass. Because of its relatively small volume, the chain grate is more suitable.

Biomass like rice husk has a certain amount of dust in the flue gas after full combustion. If the countries with high emission requirements recommend equipping with better dust removal equipment.

In the three years since the completion of the project, the operation is normal. If the customer has any questions, whether it is boiler operation or technology, we will answer them in time.

EPCB boiler is your best choice.

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