150×10^4 Kcal/h Natural Gas Thermal Oil Boiler Packages in Bangladesh

Mode: Thermal Oil Boiler

Capacity: 150×104 Kcal/h

Application: Printing & Dyeing

This customer is introduced to us by old users. Mainly engaged in the printing and dyeing industry. We have cooperated with many customers in the printing and dyeing industry. Bangladesh customers are fond of thermal oil boilers. After knowing the fuel and boiler output required by customers, we have prepared 150 × 104 kcal / h thermal oil boilers burning natural gas for customers.

In recent two years, the gas source in Bangladesh has been gradually stable, and there is a little interruption. Natural gas is the most cost-effective fuel. The price added with the boiler is also very suitable.

How to know what boiler is suitable for your industry? You can give this problem to EPCB, and we will have professional engineers to design a set of exclusive boiler solutions for you. From boiler room design to boiler installation, we are all professional.

Officially, because of our products and services, so many old users will introduce new customers to us. EPCB is not only a well-known Chinese boiler manufacturer but also the preferred supplier of a complete industrial boiler system in the world.

There won't be any problem with the EPCB boiler!

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