30×10^4 Kcal/h Diesel Fired Thermic Oil Boiler in Thailand

Mode: Thermic Oil Boiler

Capacity: 30×10^4

Application: Plastic Rubber Fittings

The thermic oil boiler is very important for rubber and plastic factories. The softening of plastics and rubber can not be separated from high temperatures, but it is very difficult to control the temperature if direct softening is carried out by electricity. The thermic oil boiler has no such problem at all.

The organic medium boiler can not only reach the temperature required for the melting of plastic and rubber but also can process materials with different materials and melting temperatures by controlling the temperature.

In Thailand, diesel will be much cheaper than other fuels. Not only the cost of fuel but also the whole boiler system,  after accurate calculation we reach this conclusion!

First of all, look at the cost of boiler system B, daily working time (hour) A the quantity of fuel used in unit time (unit/hour of fuel) C, fuel price D, annual working time (day) F, and the service time of boiler (year) E

The value of D * C * A * F * E + B is the total budget.

The quantity of fuel per unit time in this system also corresponds to the required boiler output and boiler thermal efficiency. It has a lot to do with it.

The exhaust gas of diesel contains ultrafine suspended particles and nitrogen oxides. If the exhaust gas of diesel has carcinogens, it will cause cancer.

So it is better to use diesel oil as fuel with tail gas treatment devices, such as a bag filter.

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