120×10^4 Kcal/h Commercial Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler in Bangladesh

Mode: Thermal Oil Boiler

Capacity: 120×104 Kcal/h

Application: Textile Mill

This client just worked with us. Our colleague in Bangladesh met him on the way to visit customers and send out business cards. Customers want to know more about our boiler when they get their business card. Our colleagues followed him around our user's factory.

His factory is a textile mill that has been in operation for 15 years. The boiler in use now is a steam boiler with fixed grate burning wood. This boiler is also 10 years old. Many places are aging. The boiler efficiency has been reduced from 90% to 80%, which greatly affects the production.

With the stable natural gas supply in Bangladesh. The boiler has also aged. This time he plans to change a natural gas-fired thermal oil boiler system. Natural gas has high calorific value, relatively low price, and clean energy can save a lot of cost of tail gas treatment!

This project has come to the end of the installation and can be accepted this month.

Our engineers supervise the whole process of installation.

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