12T/h EPCB Coal & Gas Dual Fuel Fired Steam Boiler

12Th Coal & Gas Dual Fuel Fired Steam Boiler1
12Th Coal & Gas Dual Fuel Fired Steam Boiler3

Mode: Dual Fuel Boiler

Capacity: 12 Ton/h

Application: Poultry and Food

12 Ton/h 1.25MPa Gas & Coal Fired Steam Boiler, used for a large enterprise group of poultry and food in Pakistan.
In 2014, this enterprise searched on Google and found the EPCB boiler, then sent us an inquiry. After the follow-up of EPCB’s sales manager, it is found that the customer’s demand for a boiler is very clear, and a 12 ton/h coal and gas dual fuel-fired steam boiler is needed. Initially, considering that the thermal efficiency of the solid and gas fuels mixed combustion mode would be reduced, we recommended the customer choose a boiler with only one kind of fuel, coal, or gas. However, through later communication with the client by email and skype, we knew that there would be some problem in coal supply in the local market for some seasons. The cost of natural gas was higher comparatively. So in order to save cost and not affect the supply of steam, the customer decided to use coal as a fuel for a period of time and use natural gas as fuel when the coal is in short supply. Through the communication of EPCB’s design department, we provide customers with a complete set of solutions of the boiler system, the thermal efficiency of the boiler has reached the standard of customer satisfaction. Under the joint efforts of the business personnel and the design department, the customer finally chose the EPCB boiler after 8 months of negotiation and communication.

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