4 Sets 15T/h Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Beijing, China

4 Sets 15Th Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Beijing, China1
4 Sets 15Th Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Beijing, China

Mode: Horizontal steam boiler

Capacity: 15 Ton/h

Application: Heating Supply

As the development and progress of society today, a lot of Chinese enterprises pay more attention to the better appearance of design and personal taste in usage of the industrial boilers, besides their basic satisfactory performance and quality. In 2017, introduced by a friend company, a heating supply company in Beijing authorized EPCB boiler to design and fabricate their new boiler house and the entire boiler project. During the communication stage, this company proposed that they need a series of boiler systems with high quality together with a modern design and neat working environment, perfectly matching their present style of building designs. Meanwhile, the smoke emission standard must meet even exceed the requirement of the country. Therefore, EPCB did plenty of research on this user’s working environment in three months, with adequate discuss on technical issues, the appearance, color and space layout of the boiler house. Special designs have been used for a better distribution for the four sets of 15 ton/h gas-fired boiler systems. That was a big challenge. Meanwhile, considering of the more and more strict claims on environment protection of China, EPCB recommended the company to use burner with low nitrogen for the boiler system. The discharge of the nitrogen is lower than 30mg/m³, with more stable performance at the same time. EPCB completed this project perfectly, with high quality and performance, upgrading the traditional boiler house design to a modern and efficient one. In check and accept stage, this enterprise was very satisfied with EPCB’s job in each part of the project – designing, construction, installation, etc. Also there’s very good control of the project cost. This project had been a classic one and been copied by other enterprises and companies thereafter.

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