6T/h EPCB Coal Fired Steam Boiler in Myanmar

6Th Coal Fired Steam Boiler in Myanmar1
6Th Coal Fired Steam Boiler in Myanmar

Mode: Chain Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler

Capacity: 6 Ton/h

Application: Corrugated Paperboard

6 Ton/h 1.25MPa chain grate coal fired steam boiler in Yangon, Myanmar.
The user is a corrugated board manufacturer, and the boiler is used to generate steam for corrugated paperboard production line. In 2017, the client decided to purchase a new steam boiler, so they contacted with EPCB through local agent. This agent had cooperated with EPCB so many times before and he was confident in the product quality and service of EPCB, so he strongly recommend EPCB to the user and took the user to visit EPCB’s other boiler projects in Myanmar. After studying on EPCB’s advantages, the client decided to choose EPCB boiler. With communication with the agent, we made a relevant analysis about the user’s requirement and actual situation, and selected a 6 Ton/h 1.25MPa steam boiler to them. Due to the short delivery time required by the customer, EPCB’s boiler factory has changed the related production scheduling plan and reduced the production time to the shortest. Finally, it met the customer’s delivery time requirements. At the end of the year 2017, with help on the customs clearance from the agent, the boiler arrived at the user’s plant. In early March 2018, the user finished the boiler registration and start to use it for production. Inspected by local boiler institute, everything was totally standard. Thereafter, the boiler was installed well and has been working in a good status up to now.

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