6T/h EPCB Wood Fired Steam Boiler in Thailand

6Th Wood Fired Steam Boiler in Thailand
6Th Wood Fired Steam Boiler in Thailand1

Mode: Wood Steam Boiler

Capacity: 6Ton/h 1.25MPa

Application: Wood Processing Plan

Main Advantages of 6T/h EPCB Wood Fired Steam Boiler:

1. Three passes, a large furnace, and a large heating surface with high efficiency.
2. Multi-fuel adaptability, such as wood, corncob, straw, ruderal, etc.
3. Guarantee enough steam output at a low cost.
4. The international famous brand electronic component (German Simens, France Schneider).
5. Equipped with an economizer, 5% energy saving.

6 T/h wood fired steam boiler, used in a local wood processing plant in Thailand to dry wood. Meanwhile, some waste of wood and leftover materials produced during the production process can also be used as fuel, which greatly saves fuel costs. After, because of the poor quality of the customer’s feed water, some water treatment devices have been purchased from us.

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