4T/h and 12T/h EPCB Chain Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler System in Lahore, Pakistan

4Th and 12Th Coal Fired Steam Boiler in Lahore, Pakistan1
4Th and 12Th Coal Fired Steam Boiler in Lahore, Pakistan

Mode: Chain Grate Boiler

Capacity: 12Ton/h

Application: Textile & Chemical Group

Main Advantages of 4T/h & 12T/h Coal Fired Steam Boiler:

1. Horizontal type double drums water tube structure.
2. Mechanization operation, lighten the labor intensity of the stoker.
3. Fast heating up, high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption.
4. Large water capacity, strong adaptability to load change.
5. Environmental protection and energy saving, long service life.

Double drums 4T/h coal fired steam boiler and 12T/h coal fired steam boiler, are used for the textile and chemical enterprise group in Lahore, Pakistan.The installation of the boilers was quickly and professional. The boilers are having a good performance and highly praised by our users. Now, the boiler is used in the textile production line, which solves the problem of steam shortage in production peak season.

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