500kg/h EPCB Best Oil Fired Steam Boiler in Indonesia

500kgh Oil Fired Steam Boiler in Indonesia
500kgh Oil Fired Steam Boiler in Indonesia1

Mode: Vertical steam boiler

Capacity: 500kg/h

Application: Heat Exchanger

500kg 1.0MPa Oil Fired Vertical Steam Boiler, used for a client in Djawa Barat, Indonesia.

This client is a plant, which designs and produces heat exchanger and cooling system. In the beginning, the client sent us an inquiry from Made-in-China.com. In the inquiry, h clearly stated that their demand is a 500kg/h steam boiler. Through professional and efficient communication between our sales manager and client, we find that the pressure client needed is 1.0MPa. With over two months of continuous communication by email and phone, the client decided to cooperate with EPCB. According to the boiler room area provided by the client in the mail, we found that the boiler room area of the customer is not very large, so we suggest they choose a vertical boiler because the vertical boiler just needs a small boiler room. In May 2017, Mr. Zhang, General Engineer of EPCB, was invited to go to the client’s plant to guide the installation and commissioning of the new boiler. After a week for commissioning and installation guidance, the boiler had been started to work as expected. During this period, EPCB’s engineer had built a very deep friendship with local installation team members. At the same time, under the client’s invitation and guidance, EPCB’s engineer also visited a lot of local similar enterprises and same historic sites and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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