5 Sets 10T/h Coal Fired Low Pressure Steam Boiler in Qingdao

Mode: Coal Fired Boiler

Capacity: 10Ton/h

Application: Food Processing

The project has been won after layers of competitive bidding, from the design of the boiler room to the whole steam system we have given the appropriate scheme and quotation. Has been recognized by the design institute and the enterprise. The total time from production to acceptance of the general engineering project is 3 months.

At present, the boiler has been running for 3 years and is still brand new. There is no problem with the whole system.

We visit the users regularly for inspection with every half a year and give reasonable opinions to the stoker personnel. The users are very recognized EPCB and introduced several customers to us. Now we have reached cooperation.

We are committed to doing the products you want, so that you and your enterprise more dynamic, we are determined to become the global industrial boiler complete system preferred supplier.

Our products can save you more fuel costs, save more labor costs, and improve your competitiveness in your industry!

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