1 Set 20 T/h EPCB Wood Coal Steam Boiler in Vietnam

Mode: Steam Boiler

Capacity: 20Ton/h

Application: Chemical Plant

The customer chose us as a partner because his friend is the user of the EPCB steam boiler. His friend has been using our coal fired boiler for six or seven years, during which there are no other problems except the replacement of wearing parts.

The customer is very satisfied with the boiler solution we recommend. He gave me all the parameters of his factory. According to the data he provided us, we recommended three schemes for him after detailed calculation: four 5T oil gas steam boilers and two 10t coal-fired boilers or a 20-ton wood / coal-fired steam boiler, the daily fuel consumption and cost of each scheme have been reported in detail, and he finally selected the last one.

The fixed grate wood/coal-fired boiler mainly uses big lump coal and wood as fuel. Because their wood is also very cheap, this type of boiler is very suitable for them!

Now the boiler has been in normal operation for one year without any problems. He has also recommended two users to us.

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