2 Sets 25T/h High Efficiency Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Inner Mongolia

Mode: Steam Boiler

Capacity: 20Ton/h

Application: Food Industry

Project: Yili

Industry, food industry

Address, Inner Mongolia.

In the production and processing of dairy products, a lot of steam is needed to distill, disinfect, dry and finalize the food.

First of all, we recommend two solutions based on the actual situation of our customers. One is the combination of five 10 ton boilers, and the other is the form of two 25 ton high-efficiency gas-fired steam boilers. We evaluate each boiler solution in detail and submit the data to the user, and the user selects the second one.

After confirming the type and output of the high-efficiency gas-fired steam boilers with the user, we designed the boiler room for them. The boiler room has a compact structure, no waste of space, and saved part of the construction cost of the boiler room.

Because Yili is a super large enterprise in China, and the emission standard in China is very high, we have equipped our customers with our latest developed dust remover and energy saver. In order to achieve a greater degree of energy conservation, our condensing recovery devices are developed with new technologies.

Now the boiler has been in normal operation for 2 years without any problems.

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