6T/h Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Uzbekistan

Food Factory turns to EPCB for Steam Solution as Business Expansion
EPCB Steam boiler used in food factory

Mode: Steam Boiler

Capacity: 6 T/h

Application: Food Factory

When the second factory in Tashkent expanded its operations, due to the need for a new type of steam boiler with higher capacity, higher efficiency and more environmentally friendly emissions, this food factory turned to boiler expert EPCB, which is already a well-known steam boiler solution in Uzbekistan.

Boiler expert EPCB supplied, assisted in the installation and commissioning of a gas horizontal steam boiler for this food factory in Tashkent. This food factory is a factory that produces sweets, ice cream, etc. Its production process requires a lot of high-quality steam food processing, disinfection, etc.


This is the second EPCB boiler installation of this food factory in Tashkent-built in a brand new facility to meet the growing needs of the food industry.


According to Tashkent’s strict regulations on the installation of new plant equipment (including steam boilers), EPCB must provide reliable and maintainable steam solutions, which means that EPCB’s engineering services provide support from China and provide remote installation instructions.


The steam boilers of the new plant in Tashkent use a horizontal three-pass wet-backed fire tube structure with fully automatic control and interlocking protection functions to ensure the boiler 100% safe operation.


For the steam boiler supplied to the food factory, EPCB cooperated with the well-known burner manufacturer Riello to provide the food factory with a low-nitrogen fully-automatically regulated burner, and reconfigured the boiler steam outlet nozzle to make its operating pressure more in line with the food Plant needs. The well-known brand water pump using the intelligent control system ensures the continuous stability of the water level in the boiler, so that the high-temperature sterilization, heating, and drying process can obtain a continuous and stable steam supply.


In addition, the air pressure in Uzbekistan is unstable, high in summer and low in winter. Therefore, the EPCB boiler is equipped with a natural gas filter and a regulator valve to ensure the stable gas supply of the gas supply system and ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.


In addition to the fire test visit, EPCB's project engineers personally visited Tashkent to provide guidance services for the boilers of the food factory and commissioned two boilers in the new factory.


The visits also provided training opportunities for the main boiler operators in the food factory. In addition to regular guidance, they also ensures that the operator has received boiler training in the low-fire hold mode and the start-up procedure in the automatic adjustment mode.


For everything that EPCB has done, customers can see that the EPCB boiler has been running until now. Because of the trust in our company and our products, the factory expanded the production scale and once again purchased a set of 4 ton gas-fired steam boiler and a 100 kg vertical gas-fired steam boiler from our company.


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