4T/h EPCB Industrial Oil and Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Myanmar

4Th Oil & Gas Dual Fuel Fired Steam Boiler in Myanmar1
4Th Oil & Gas Dual Fuel Fired Steam Boiler in Myanmar

Mode: EPCB steam boiler

Capacity: 4 Ton/h

Application: Chemical Fiber Plant

In April 2017, the local agent of EPCB in Myanmar contacted us and told us that there was a local chemical fiber plant in Yangon and they needed an industrial oil and gas-fired steam boiler. The chemical fiber plant is built local by a Taiwan enterprise. In order to expand production, they need to purchase a new boiler. The agent communicated with the plant owner to know that they wanted a 4 Ton/h 1.6MPA steam boiler. In the choice of boiler type, the enterprise clearly points out that they want to use a diesel and natural gas dual fuel fired boiler. Therefore, EPCB supplied a dual fuel-fired steam boiler to them. In the next four months, the customer also received similar boiler quotes from other boiler manufacturers and also asked a lot of related boiler problems. But after comparison, it is found that EPCB is the most professional although its price is not the lowest. So the customer chooses to buy an industrial oil and gas-fired steam boiler. They trusted in the professionalism of boiler solutions of EPCB. In January 2018, the boiler was successfully installed with the guidance of the local installation company and EPCB engineer together. At present, the boiler is now working 12 hours a day, producing qualified and clean steam as designed. In May 2018, EPCB finished the latest after-sales visit. The customer is very satisfied with the current situation of the boiler and tells that when the new plant is established, they will buy another set of 12 ton/h gas fire steam boiler.

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