6T/h Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Bangladesh

6T Oil-Fired Steam Boiler Sent to Bangladesh
6T Oil-Fired Steam Boiler Sent to Bangladesh

Mode: Oil Fired Steam Boiler

Capacity: 6 T/h

Application: Garment Factory

The contact with this garment factory in Bangladesh originated from the purchase of a new boiler. This garment factory is considered a relatively large company in the local area and has a large demand for boilers, but the most important thing is that their old boilers have been used for too long and the boiler output can no longer meet the production needs, and a new boiler is urgently needed to replace them.


In the initial boiler selection stage, the engineer does not know whether to choose an 8T coal-fired boiler or a 6T oil-fired boiler? When he contacted the EPCB project engineer, he told the problem he encountered.


Combining the local fuel costs and the production scale of the garment factory, as well as future planning, EPCB gave pertinent suggestions. After a short period of thinking, the customer made a decision to buy a 6T oil-fired boiler. Because the customer was afraid that the old boiler would not last long, the demand for the delivery time was urgent.

At present, global shipping prices have become a hot topic. Continue to rise is still expected to be adjusted. The key lies in the changes in both supply and demand of shipping. Because overseas factories are affected by the epidemic and cannot resume production, shipping has become single-phase transportation, which has exacerbated the imbalance of shipping capacity. However, shipping capacity is still very scarce.


After understanding the customer’s urgent needs, although the current shipping situation is not optimistic, EPCB still try to help customers solve their problems, compare prices, and finally choose a shipping company that can guarantee the nearest freight.


Recalling the entire process of communicating with customers in garment factories, EPCB gave them boiler recommendations based on the size of his factory and steam demand, as well as recommendations on the layout of the boiler room. EPCB not only sells boilers, but also provides customers with a complete set of boiler solutions.


Today, the customer's boiler has been produced and is on the way to Bangladesh. We are also looking forward to the smiling face left by the customer after receiving the goods, and we also look forward to our boiler being put into operation sooner and faster. During operation, create more value for customers!


Bangladesh is a big exporter of clothing, and EPCB, as the first batch of industrial boiler suppliers to settle in Bangladesh, has always had a very good reputation. Therefore, many customers have cooperated with us more than two times, and they have given us high praise. EPCB has never interrupted the research and development of boilers, and every advancement can provide users with better services!


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