2 Sets 15T/h Natural Gas Steam Boiler Systems in Beijing

Mode: Natural Gas

Capacity: 15T/h

Application: Steam Supply

This enterprise was introduced to us by an old user. He is also a steam supplying company, engaged in steam supply. Their two companies are responsible for the steam supply of two areas.

"The purchase of the steam boiler was carefully considered by the leaders of the enterprise. The board of directors intends to determine who will be responsible for the boiler project through bidding. However, we have a cooperative relationship with enterprise A. after a comprehensive understanding of the EPCB Boiler, we directly choose to cooperate with EPCB. " The project leader toke to our colleagues.

Although the operation time of this project is very short, many professional engineers are full of praise for this project after visiting it.

We hope that our boilers, whether steam boiler or hot water boiler, can create more value for our customers!

EPCB with the development of the times, the progress of science and technology, continuous innovation, continuous improvement of the boiler, do more understand your boiler.

EPCB is selected for the boiler.

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