What is the Boiler Index?Boiler Index Affects Development Prospects of Manufacturing Enterprises

April 19, 2022

Boiler Index: It is a comprehensive index to measure the operation of an enterprise's boiler. Its value is related to the cleanliness of boiler site management, the professionalism of boiler maintenance, the actual efficiency of boiler operation, the actual situation of the boiler and the enterprise, and the matching degree with the social environment.


Every production enterprise is no stranger to the "boiler index". The boiler index includes equipment management, cost operation, and the working status of enterprise employees, which directly reflects the operation status of the enterprise and indirectly determines the development prospects of the enterprise.


A boiler is as important to a production enterprise as the heart is to a person. As power equipment, stable operation is particularly important. If the boiler stops operating, the factory will stop production. If the boiler fails frequently, it will also greatly reduce the production capacity of the factory.


In terms of boiler thermal efficiency, the boiler accounts for 1%-80% of the product cost in the production process. For example, in pet food production enterprises, the operating cost of boilers generally accounts for about 20% of the cost of finished products. If the boiler system is in good operation and the heating system is well managed, the operating cost of a comparable boiler with poor management will differ by about 35%. 20%*35%=7%, which means that the total cost of pet food will differ by 7%, which is very important to the survival and development of an enterprise, and even affects whether it can survive.


Usually, when some senior enterprise managers or senior purchasers visit a production enterprise, they will first visit the boiler room of the factory. If the boiler operation and management are very good, then in-depth investigation and cooperation will generally be good for both parties.


If the boiler room is dirty and messy, basically they will no longer cooperate, because there is a risk of not long-term and unsustainable cooperation with such enterprises.


Therefore, the choice of boiler is very important. How to choose the right boiler for the enterprise?

There are 6 points worth considering:


1. Select a boiler manufacturer with rich industry experience, who will choose boilers for us based on our usage scenarios and solve our industry pain points to the greatest extent;

2. Choose the boiler with the latest technology as much as possible, so that the boiler can work for you for a long time.

3. Choose a boiler supplier that can solve problems at any time, which will reduce your maintenance costs and minimize production downtime caused by boiler failures.

4. It is necessary to shop around, but don't just look at the price, take into account the parameters of each component, and choose the one with good quality and the right price. Remember: the more ratios, the more time you spend.

5. Considering various costs, the smallest part of the total boiler investment is the initial cost. Operating costs will determine the continued health and survival of the company. Operating costs are minimized, saving the price of one boiler a year.

6. Find a boiler manufacturer that can solve your known and unknown problems.



Running a business is not an easy job, but choosing the right boiler system can make the process easy. Many manufacturers in different industries have found that EPCB boilers are actually a good choice. The increase in boiler index means that production enterprises are more dynamic. If you have any questions in the process of using and selecting boilers, please contact EPCB, we are always here for you to solve puzzles.


EPCB, your personal boiler system expert!

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