EPCB Boiler Helps the World Achieve "Carbon Neutrality"

June 04, 2021

As China announced its determination to "carbon emissions" at the UN General Assembly, "carbon peaks, carbon neutrality" was also included in the work report of the Chinese government.

Boilers play a vital role in the process of achieving "carbon peaks and carbon neutrality". why? Let's first understand the concepts of "carbon peaks" and "carbon neutral".

What is the concept of “carbon peaks and carbon neutrality”?

"Carbon peaks" means that carbon dioxide emissions reach the peak and gradually decrease after reaching the peak. It only counts emissions, not absorption.

"Carbon neutrality" means that all carbon dioxide emitted is absorbed by plants. Achieve "zero emission" of carbon dioxide.

When carbon neutrality is reached, the absorption of carbon dioxide is greater than the emission. In this way, China will become the second "lung of the world."

why does boiler play a vital role in the process of'"carbon peaks, carbon neutrality'"?

Boilers have always played an irreplaceable role in the entire industrial process.Our food, clothing, housing and transportation are all related to the boiler. For example: We only know that our clothes are made with textile machines and sewing machines. In this production process, some processes require high-temperature environments. These environments are created by boilers. In reality, there are also boilers, such as water heaters, garment irons, and steam irons.

In the current carbon emission statistics, the global power and heat production industries contribute 42% of carbon dioxide emissions, and the industry and transportation industries contribute 18.4% and 24.6% respectively.Among them, the boiler industry accounted for 60.4%. This is why "the boiler plays a vital role in the process of'"carbon peaks, carbon neutrality'".

How do we get carbon neutrality?

If we can start with the boiler and produce more heat with less fuel, we can reduce carbon emissions.

EPCB continues to increase the research and development of boiler energy saving and emission reduction technology under the call of "carbon peaks and carbon neutrality". And recently it has made a new breakthrough-it can help companies save at least 5% while reducing carbon emissions by 5%.

EPCB has further optimized the composition of the existing boiler system, while optimizing the link of waste heat recovery, so that the boiler system forms a true closed loop. The boiler can absorb all the heat of the fuel.

The fuel utilization rate reaches 97% in the true sense.

For the boiler system with 102% thermal efficiency, the actual fuel utilization rate is only 70~80%.

When the promotion of social development is part of the company's development concept, the company's existence is more valuable. When the interests of customers and the interests of the company are tied together, the company will develop more rapidly. This has always been the case for EPCB boilers. What EPCB does is beneficial to customers and social development.

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