International Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry Development Road in the Post-Epidemic Era

April 26, 2022

From the beginning of 2020 to the present, the COVID-19 epidemic has caused most of the textile printing and dyeing industry to experience some hardships. Although there is still a risk of spreading the epidemic at domestic and foreign, the epidemic situation in most countries and regions has continued to ease, and countries have gradually loosened restrictions to promote economic restart.


However, the huge impact of the epidemic on the global supply chain and industrial chain is difficult to repair in the short term. At the same time, with the significant increase in unstable and uncertain factors around the world, the operating pressure of textile printing and dyeing enterprises is still huge.


In terms of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the production and operation of textile printing and dyeing enterprises, more than 50% of enterprises reported that "the impact is small, and there are some difficulties in business operations, but the overall stability is maintained."


Large and medium-sized textile printing and dyeing enterprises have relatively strong anti-risk capabilities, and adopt more active and effective coping strategies in the crisis, which makes the enterprises turn from crisis to safety. There are also some small and medium-sized textile printing and dyeing enterprises that have been greatly negatively affected due to product market and other reasons. "The impact is very large, and the business operation is temporarily suspended." What's more, a few enterprises reported that "the impact is serious, the business operation is facing serious difficulties, and there is a risk of bankruptcy."


No matter what challenges and pressures textile printing and dyeing enterprises are facing, as one of the four major needs of people's food, clothing, housing and transportation, the total demand will not change much, and it is inevitable to return to the development trend before the epidemic. . Among them, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and Central and South America will accelerate the business growth of the textile printing and dyeing industry. Due to the closure of some uncompetitive local enterprises during the epidemic in the past two years, it will give more development opportunities to local development-oriented enterprises. This part Shortage of space will allow companies that quickly seize opportunities to obtain more orders.


Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said: "Don't waste a good crisis". This epidemic is a rare opportunity for companies that want to develop.


Recognize the situation and actively respond to the development of textile printing and dyeing enterprises


According to the current industry situation, when faced with huge risks, textile printing and dyeing enterprises should adopt a variety of coping strategies, actively carry out production "self-rescue", and even "try the hard work".


"Stabilize the existing market and consolidate old customers" is the company's first strategy, followed by "transformation like automation and intelligence", and most importantly, "ready to attack and attack".


The specific methods are as follows:

1. When the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic has not completely faded away, reduce unnecessary expenses and achieve income and expenditure.

2. Make preparations for expansion as soon as possible, and do a good job of updating and reserve production equipment, because production equipment, such as boilers, requires a certain amount of production time and transportation time, so it needs to be prepared in advance;

3. In the current less busy time, it is necessary to strengthen the learning skills of core management personnel and technical personnel, consolidate the corporate culture, and form a higher combat effectiveness.

4. Develop new products and propose new solutions, covering the whole process of printing and dyeing such as pre-treatment, dyeing, post-finishing, and reuse of reclaimed water, keeping up with market development trends and meeting changing market demands.


In the next two years, textile printing and dyeing enterprises will have different fates because of what they are doing now.

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