Industrial Steam Boiler Development Direction

May 06, 2022

With the increasing awareness of global energy conservation and emission reduction, boilers, as a major energy consumer, also need to achieve real energy conservation. Not only that, but also the energy conservation of boiler users' heat system, so as to truly realize energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises.


In order to truly achieve energy saving and emission reduction, industrial boilers need:

1. Innovate in management, build perfect energy-saving and emission-reduction rules and regulations, promote the formation of energy-saving and emission-reduction awareness in the whole society, and let industrial boiler management staff enhance energy-saving emission reduction awareness.

2. Innovative technologies are needed, technical improvements are made to the structure and combustion, and a highly feasible energy-saving and emission-reduction plan is implemented.

3. It is necessary to comprehensively optimize and improve the boiler detection and diagnosis technology to realize the systematic integration of industrial boilers, and give full play to the boiler production capacity.


Traditional industrial boilers generally use the following model: a boiler room is transported to various workshops of the factory by steam pipes or thermal oil pipes. In some cases, the transportation distance will exceed one kilometer, and the heat of steam will be wasted during transportation. In traditional boilers, the "single-unit full supply" mode is adopted. Due to the large power of a single unit, the output load in most cases is greater than the actual demand of the user, or the operating efficiency of the boiler is attenuated under partial load conditions, resulting in wasted energy.


Boiler manufacturers represented by EPCB have proposed a modular boiler system, which divides large-capacity boilers into small-capacity boilers, and the number of boilers increases accordingly. Users can adjust the number of operating boilers according to the dynamic changes in actual heat demand.


This new type of stainless steel low-capacity, high-efficiency modular boiler not only solves the problem of boiler thermal efficiency loss, but also can be installed flexibly with better safety. They can be flexibly installed near the heat-using production line, and can be combined in multiple modules according to the amount of steam used. The most immediate benefit for users of modular solutions is the savings in operating costs.


In addition, EPCB also invented innovative steam (thermal oil) equipment, which is installed by movable or three groups of assembled equipment. It only needs two people to connect the connecting pipe and connect water, electricity and gas in one day, which can be installed and put into use.


This kind of boiler can reduce the energy waste of "big horse pulling small car", reduce the transportation loss such as pipelines, truly realize energy saving and emission reduction, and contribute to the early realization of carbon neutrality.


Compared with traditional boilers, modular boilers are a new breakthrough in design concept and form. Modular boilers are environmentally friendly, energy saving, safety, automatic control, life, installation, power consumption, capacity expansion, floor space and space, etc. Therefore, this will also be a development trend of industrial steam boilers in the future.


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