Common Problems and Countermeasures of Industrial Boiler Delivery in Winter

January 15, 2021

As a common equipment, the demand for industrial boilers in winter is not small, and the emergence of severe weather will mean the special nature of the boiler's winter delivery. As a boiler supplier with decades of experience, EPCB deliberately summarized the problems that will occur in the winter delivery of industrial boilers:

1. Affected by bad weather, it will cause delayed delivery;

2. Water in the boiler will cause freezing and cracking of the pipeline;

3. In rain and snow, icing will cause damage to the boiler body and auxiliary machinery;

These will help boiler users to avoid problems, and ensuring that the boiler can be put into production quickly and stably when it arrives.

Common problems of industrial boiler delivery in winter

1. Affected by bad weather,it will cause delayed delivery;

Severe weather usually cools down with strong winds. Boilers transported by sea will be affected by the climatic environment, because port operations have climatic requirements, and high winds and low temperatures cannot operate, which will cause delays in shipping schedules. If the latest delivery date of the L/C is close to the delivery date, it will cause delays in delivery.

2. Water in the boiler will cause freezing and cracking of the pipeline;

Usually, the boiler must undergo a water pressure test before leaving the factory to ensure the airtightness of the boiler and ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler. In winter, the temperature is low, the water is easy to freeze, and the water after the hydraulic test is more difficult to drain. If there is water in the boiler or pipeline, it will freeze, causing the pipeline to freeze and crack;

3. In rain and snow, icing will cause damage to the boiler body and auxiliary machinery;

In the absence of special requirements, boiler delivery are generally delivery naked. If it is not transported in containers, the equipment will get wet in rain and snow. In addition, the extremely low temperature will make it easy to freeze. Cracking the shell affects the appearance. If the electrical equipment enters into water and freezes, it will cause damage to the equipment.

Countermeasures for industrial boiler delivery in winter

If your boiler is delivered in winter, you should pay attention:

1. Make a schedule in advance to allow a certain amount of time for bad weather to avoid delays in the use of the boiler due to delayed delivery;

The production of boilers, especially customized boilers, requires a certain period of construction. Therefore, if your production plan makes you have to purchase boilers in winter, you must purchase in advance to avoid delays in shipments due to bad weather. use.

2. It is recommended that the boiler manufacturer carefully check the water inside the boiler before delievery;

When you communicate with the boiler manufacturer, you must ask to check the internal water. If the water cannot be drained, the delivery can be delayed. Don't cause the low-temperature water to freeze due to the urgent delivery and cause the pipeline to freeze and crack.

3. It is recommended that the boiler manufacturer take anti-freezing measures for the boiler;

If your boiler is shipped in winter, you can remind the boiler manufacturer to package the boiler body and auxiliary equipment during shipment, such as shipping in containers, covering with covering cloth, etc.; this can avoid rain and snow during transportation , Causing damage to the boiler body and auxiliary machinery;

4. You can choose to let the boiler manufacturer perform nitrogen filling maintenance on the boiler;

If you have higher requirements for the use of the boiler, you can choose to perform nitrogen filling maintenance on your boiler, which can solve the problem caused by low temperature delivery of the boiler, but the cost of nitrogen filling maintenance is higher. You can choose according to your actual situation. Need to choose.


The weather is bad in winter. If your demand is not urgent, you can choose to miss this period to ship, so as to avoid additional expenses caused by bad weather. If you can only choose to ship in winter, then you need to pay attention to the above four points. If you take preventive measures in advance, I believe you can also receive an intact boiler. Epcb reminds everyone again that anti-freezing measures for the boiler system must be taken for winter delivery to reduce economic losses.

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