Boiler Explosion: Analysis of Causes,Hazards and Preventive Measures

December 31, 2020

Boiler is one of the commonly used special equipment, not only closely related to people's life, but also widely used in industrial needs, so the safe operation of the boiler is particularly important. Once the boiler has a problem, it will cause great harm, and boiler explosion is one of the biggest harms.

In order to prevent boiler explosion accidents, EPCB specifically summarized the causes, hazards and related preventive measures of boiler explosions, hoping to help everyone eliminate safety hazards from the root cause.

The main cause of boiler explosion:

1. The boiler quality is unqualified

When buying a boiler, if you only consider the price of the boiler and ignore the structure and details of the product, the quality of the boiler will not up the standard. A unqualified boiler may be able to operate normally in a short time. If the time is too long, the boiler will be overloaded. It will cause safety accidents such as boiler explosion.

2. Improper installation of the boiler

In order to save costs, installation or modification of the boiler without authorization will cause great damage to the boiler system, and it is extremely prone to boiler explosion. The installation of the boiler requires professional installation workers, and the boiler should be tested by a professional department after the installation is completed, and can be put into use until it is qualified, otherwise it will cause great safety hazards.

3. Improper use of boiler

During the operation of the boiler, the misjudgment and misoperation of the operator, such as empty burning and over burning, will cause damage to the boiler, destroy the boiler structure, and cause boiler explosion.

4. The boiler lacks regular maintenance

If there is a lack of regular maintenance of the boiler.

①If the boiler blowdown is not timely, the quality of the boiler water will deteriorate, which will cause the boiler to scale and cause great damage to the boiler structure.

②Untimely dust removal of the smoke tube will cause excessive dust in the smoke tube, which will cause uneven heating of the smoke tube

③ Failure to check and replace the boiler parts in time will cause inaccurate monitoring of the boiler operation and cause incorrect operation of the boiler.

These can easily cause boiler explosion.

Hazards of boiler explosion

1. Medium damage

After the boiler explodes, it will cause the poisoning of some toxic media and the scald of high temperature water vapor.

2. Secondary explosion and combustion

When the medium in the boiler container is a combustible liquefied gas, a large amount of combustible vapor will be formed at the explosion site. it will mix with air to form an explosive gas mixture. That will cause a secondary explosion when encountering an open flame, causing major harm.

3. Damage to nearby equipment and pipelines, causing casualties and damage to buildings.

If the tonnage of the boiler in the explosion is small, the possible harm is relatively small, but the boiler shutdown caused by this will seriously affect the production schedule.

If the tonnage of the boiler that exploded is large, it will endanger life safety and cause damage to buildings. 

How to avoid boiler explosion?

1. Purchase branded boilers with guaranteed quality.

Regular brand boilers have strict requirements in terms of boiler raw materials, boiler structure design, production process, and factory inspection, which can allow the boiler to operate safely and stably.

2. Ensure the correct operation of the boiler.

The safe operation of the boiler is inseparable from professional furnace workers. No matter what kind of boiler, only the correct operation of the boiler can ensure it safely and stablely. Enterprises in hiring workers must sure him have professional boiler operation certificates.

3. Do a good job in the safety data monitoring of the boiler.

Excessive boiler pressure is a common cause of boiler explosion, and pressure gauge is an important instrument valve to display boiler pressure. If the pressure of the boiler exceeds the rated pressure of the boiler itself during operation, the pressure gauge will fail, and the safety valve will not have time to release the pressure, that will cause the boiler explosion.

4. It is prohibited to modify the boiler structure without authorization.

If you really need to adjust the boiler due to business adjustments, you must find a professional engineer. From a safety point of view, it is better to buy a new boiler than boiler modification, because the purchase cost is much lower than the cost of the accident caused by modification.

5. Regularly inspect and maintain for the boiler.

The regular maintenance of the boiler includes boiler water quality inspection, boiler blowdown, replacement of boiler parts, and regular dust purging. 

①Regular monitoring of boiler water quality and boiler blowdown can ensure boiler water quality and reduce boiler fouling damage; 

②Regular inspection and replacement of boiler accessories can effectively monitor boiler operation and avoid boiler misjudgment and misoperation.

The above five points can basically effectively reduce boiler failures and safety accidents.


The cost of a boiler explosion is painful. What we have to do is to turn our grief into strength, practice the purpose of safe production from bit by bit, and do a good job in every step of boiler safe production. Because only in this way can you ensure that your production will not be affected and your life safety will not be threatened.

At last:If you encounter other problems during the use of the boiler, you can contact EPCB boiler at any time, and EPCB can provide you with corresponding support.

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