Why is my thermal efficiency low? Confession from a boiler

January 29, 2021

I am a boiler from the textile industry. I don’t feel very good now, and my thermal efficiency is getting lower and lower.

This was not the case for me in the past. Before I left the factory, my combustion efficiency was designed to be very high by the factory. During using, I feel that my heat output is getting less and less.Then my thermal efficiency is getting lower and lower.  So, I found an EPCB boiler expert to give me a diagnosis. He gave me this diagnosis:

1.My flue gas heat loss is too serious

2.The fuel entering my body is not burning enough

3.My body is covered with scale

4.My insulation effect is not good

Measures to improve thermal efficiency

In order to prevent my other friends from being like me, the thermal efficiency has become lower and lower.I asked epcb boiler experts to make a set of solutions and summarized several measures to improve thermal efficiency, so that our host can improve our thermal efficiency when using us.

(1) Equipped with boiler energy-saving equipment such as economizers and condensers to reduce heat loss of flue gas.

The heat loss of flue gas is an important factor leading to the reduction of boiler thermal efficiency. The higher the flue gas temperature of the boiler, the greater the heat loss of the flue gas, so reducing the flue gas temperature is a good way to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. In order to reduce the flue gas temperature, most factories choose to equip flue gas waste heat recovery devices, such as economizers, condensers, etc. In this way, the high-temperature flue gas generated at the tail of the boiler can be reused, which effectively reduces the flue gas temperature and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

(2) Reasonably control the ratio of air to fuel to make combustion more complete and reduce heat loss from incomplete fuel combustion

If the air coefficient is too high, excessive cold air will be sucked in during the combustion process. When the fuel burns, this excess cold air will be heated, thereby reducing the furnace temperature. If the air coefficient is too low, insufficient oxygen in the fuel will cause incomplete combustion. At this time, the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler will be greatly reduced. Therefore, reasonable control of the ratio of air to fuel to minimize incomplete combustion loss is another way to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

(3) Strictly control the quality of boiler feed water to avoid serious scaling.

If the boiler feed water is not properly softened, it will contain a lot of impurities and easily fouling substances, such as calcium and magnesium ions. When this kind of water supply is used for a long time, scaling will inevitably occur. Because the thermal conductivity of scale is very low, once the heating surface of the boiler is scaled, the heat transfer of the boiler will be reduced, and the thermal efficiency will naturally decrease.

Therefore, it is necessary to equip a reasonable water softening device to regularly detect the scale in the boiler and clean up the scale in time.

(4) Strengthen the thermal insulation of the boiler system to reduce heat loss.

During the operation of the boiler, the temperature of the boiler body, steam pipes and steam distribution tube will always be much higher than the air temperature in the boiler room. Therefore, a part of the heat will be lost to the surrounding air through radiation and convection, which will become the heat loss of the boiler. . Therefore, boilers and steam piping systems should be equipped with insulation, such as aluminum silicate wool insulation, to reduce heat loss.

Dear masters, after reading the suggestions given by epcb boiler experts, do you have a deeper understanding of improving boiler thermal efficiency? The thermal efficiency of the boiler is my main indicator. If you want me to work more, you have to follow the advice of experts and make good use of me!

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