How to Choose a "Really" Cheap Boiler System|Record the Boiler Purchase Process of a Factory Manager

October 21, 2022

When I was trying to find a brand new boiler, I ran into a few questions:

1. What kind of boiler is the most economical boiler?

2. How to judge its safety performance?

3. What should I do after installation, commissioning and after-sales?



The factory owner is building a factory and looking for new boilers. He had heard that boilers could be expensive, so he wanted to make sure he made the right decision.


So he found a boiler engineer at EPCB and asked the first question: what kind of boiler is the most cost-effective?

Before asking the question, the plant manager had done some research and found that there were several different types of boilers available. But which one is best for me?


"What kind of boiler do you think has a lower annual operating cost?" asked the EPCB engineer.


The factory manager thought about it. "I don't know, but I'm sure it's not one of those premium brands," he said. "Those are expensive and always break."


The EPCB engineer nodded. "That's right," he said. "A lot of people think you have to buy a premium brand to get a premium product, but that's not always the case."


The EPCB engineer went on to explain how a well-made boiler with durable ancillary equipment and accessories can save plant managers money in the long run. The manager was skeptical at first, but after hearing more about the benefits of a premium boiler, he believed it.


The plant owner then asked a second question: How can I be sure that the boiler I've chosen is safe?


EPCB engineers gave the following two suggestions:


1. The structure of the boiler, the material of the boiler, and the production process and process of the boiler all affect the stability of the boiler during operation. Buying a brand with a good reputation can eliminate the problem of boiler quality to the greatest extent.


2. The value of the boiler itself is only related to the raw materials and the production process. This cannot be distinguished from the appearance of the product, but can only be understood by visiting the factory. When visiting a factory, keep in mind that it is not just whether the factory looks good or not, but also the attitude of the workers and the details of product production. For example, the situation of boiler welds, the film of boiler X-ray inspection.


Finally, installation, commissioning and after-sales service are all important factors to consider when purchasing a new boiler.


After the boiler is purchased, the most worrying thing is probably the installation, commissioning and post-maintenance issues. Will these boiler manufacturers provide it?


The stable operation of the boiler can make your production more stable. In general, one boiler can supply the work of multiple production lines in the entire factory. Once the boiler has a problem, the entire factory will be shut down for maintenance. How can such things be avoided?


The installation of the boiler must be done by a professional installation team, because the boiler is a special equipment, and a problem with the installation in one place may cause a very large hidden danger during the operation of the boiler. This problem can be avoided if the boiler supplier can provide on-site installation instructions. There is no problem with the installation of EPCB boilers, because we will provide users with on-site installation instructions.



In addition, whether the stoker can better operate the boiler is another factor for the stable operation of the boiler. I will tell you a real case. After purchasing an EPCB coal-fired boiler, a user caused positive pressure combustion of the boiler due to misoperation, causing the flame in the furnace to spray out of the boiler, causing very serious damage to the boiler, but fortunately no one was injured. . After the incident, it was discovered that the horsepower of the induced draft fan had been changed to be smaller than that of the blower.


Therefore, regular training or question answering for stokers is very necessary. EPCB regularly holds online stover training courses. You can contact us if you need it.


After reading the above content, I believe you now know how to choose a cheaper boiler? If you still have questions about the boiler. You can contact us anytime.

 EPCB, your personal boiler system expert!

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