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August 02, 2022

After doing some research, EPCB discovered that small changes in the way the boilers were operated could save a lot of fuel costs. The first step is to choose a fuel with high calorific value and low cost.  With small adjustments, boiler users can reduce fuel costs by nearly 50%.


It was a challenge for EPCB to develop a new gas/coal dual fuel boiler, but when one of their customers in Uzbekistan expressed interest, they were determined to make it happen.


The customer's factory was located in a region where natural gas was unstable and he was worried that a lack of gas supply would disrupt his production line. He also considered the price of natural gas compared to other fuels, and ultimately decided that a dual fuel boiler would be the best option.


The new boiler has been developed to successfully solve the user's problem. While solving the problem of lack of fuel supply stability in gas boiler applications, EPCB has developed a new gas/coal dual fuel boiler by combining the low fuel price and high fuel stability of pulverized coal boilers.


The boiler includes a furnace body with a grate at the lower part, and a gas burner interface is arranged in the combustion chamber area. When using gas as fuel, the igniter can extend into the combustion chamber from the front wall of the furnace body to ignite. When using solid fuel When the solid fuel such as coal/biomass is put into the grate, it can be burned.


The machine intelligence behind the development was able to analyze data from both types of boilers and identify the benefits of using coal as a supplemental fuel source. The new boiler is more efficient than traditional gas boilers, and it also eliminates the need for added infrastructure.


EPCB's new dual-fuel boiler is a marvel of engineering. It can run on either natural gas or coal, making it perfect for the Uzbek market, where natural gas is often unstable in winter. The customer is very pleased with this new boiler and thanks EPCB for its resourcefulness in developing such an innovative product.


EPCB had been working closely with the customer for months, discussing their specific needs and requirements for the new boiler. The engineers at EPCB were determined to create a high quality product that would meet the customer's expectations.


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