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November 04, 2022

Mrs. Bakar was a well-known garment manufacturer and exporter in Bangladesh. She had a factory that stretched for tens of miles in Ashulia, and she was one of the most successful businesswomen in the country.


In 2018, Mrs. Bakar decided to build a new cleaning plant, and she needed a new 6 ton coal-fired boiler to help with the process. She had used other boilers in the past and was satisfied with them, so she contacted EPCB to see if they could provide her with what she needed.


EPCB is a large industrial boiler company with very strict requirements for technology and production. When Mrs. Bakar spoke to them about her needs, they explained that their auxiliary engine was European standard or even higher than European standard, and that their electric control was provided by Siemens' parts. They guaranteed that not only were they certified in quality, but their service was number one as well.


After hearing this, Mrs. Bakar slowly gained trust in EPCB and decided to show them the boiler site he had visited before. After watching our video of the site, she judged from years of experience that our boiler was more advanced than any of the others she had seen. Not only did it have a European standard auxiliary engine and electric control system; but it also had an impressive setup manufacturing that would be sure to meet her high standards.


Finally convinced by our product and services, Mrs. Bakar requested us to provide her with an exact configuration of the 6T coal-fired boiler for her new plant - which we were more than happy to do!


Ms. Bakar accidentally received free accessories such as gas burner nozzles, relays and pressure gauges when she received the goods, so she felt the love of EPCB for her! She is grateful, in part because it made their first experience even more special - bakar not only received the highest quality boiler product, but also felt cared for by everyone involved in the company.

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