Can Thermal Oil Boiler's Temperature Reach 420℃?  EPCB Boiler Users have Realized

March 30, 2021

Can thermal oil boiler’s temperature reach 420℃? Everyone in boiler industry knows that the maximum temperature of a thermal oil boiler is around 320°C. Generally, molten salt furnaces are used for heating equipment above 300°C. Due to the particularity of the molten salt furnace medium, the storage and operation requirements are higher, and the operating cost is also higher. Therefore, when conditions permit, more people will choose thermal oil boilers.


So how to make the temperature of the thermal oil boiler reach 420℃? This has baffled a lot of boiler suppliers. A boiler engineer in Russia encountered such a problem. He searched many boiler suppliers in Russia and said that he could not solve this problem.


In the end, the engineer turned to the EPCB boiler to meet its requirements for a higher temperature and higher efficiency thermal oil boiler, and to expand the operation of the refinery. A few days ago, the refinery has held a ceremony and the thermal oil boiler is put into production.


Due to precision boiler demands


At first, the EPCB project engineer received the request of the Russian engineer on the social media software. At that time, the engineer’s demand was very clear. Two thermal oil boilers with a power of 800KW and 600KW were required. The maximum temperature was 420℃, and the working temperature was not low at 380°C. After knowing the customer's needs, our project engineer immediately organized a meeting with the boiler system designer, worked out a feasibility plan, and gave a quotation.


After seeing the quotation, the customer saw hope, because before looking for a boiler supplier, they did not give a positive response. The feasibility plan formulated by EPCB fully reflects the professionalism of EPCB and has been recognized by customers.


Good at professional boiler design


In order to better understand the needs of customers, EPCB's project engineers and end customers met in Fergana, Uzbekistan, and conducted on-site inspections. After in-depth understanding, the true needs of customers appeared:

1. Customers who make petroleum products have clear requirements for oil temperature, and the working temperature must reach 380℃;

2. The customer’s boiler room has a small area, and after on-site measurement and calculation, it can’t fit the two boilers he needs at all;


According to the needs of customers, we specially design the boiler coil material, 12CrMoVG, which is very special and difficult to make. This type of high-pressure boiler tube is suitable for long-term use at high temperatures and has high structural stability and thermal strength. .

The content of each element in this material:

Carbon C: 0.08~0.15

Silicon Si: 0.17~0.37

Manganese Mn: 0.40~0.70

Chromium Cr: 0.30~0.60

Molybdenum Mo: 0.25~0.35

Vanadium V: 0.15~0.30


In view of the small area of the boiler room, we proposed a solution to design a 1.6 million kcal thermal oil boiler. This will greatly reduce the space used in the boiler room.


How does one boiler achieve the thermal efficiency of three boilers?

EPCB also specially made the following designs:

1. The thermal oil boiler is designed with grading oil and gas, which provides energy support for three sets of heat-using equipment to ensure the balance and stability of energy supply;

2. The nitrogen sealing device is specially designed to keep the gas pressure at the top of the container constant, to prevent the material from volatilizing and being oxidized, and to ensure the safety of the container. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, sensitive action, reliable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

3.Purchasing specific thermal oil. The quality of the thermal oil is the key to the life of the thermal oil, and it is also an important factor for the temperature of the thermal oil boiler to reach the standard.


Through repeated communication and exchanges, this Uzbekistan customer trusted and recognized the EPCB boiler more, and the project has been advancing steadily and at a high speed. We will provide timely and effective answers to any questions in the process, so that the entire project can be completed more quickly.


Not long ago, the thermal oil boiler was put into production, and the customer sent a picture of the commencement ceremony and expressed his gratitude to us. And his project can be started as quickly as possible, which is our biggest gain.

Choose EPCB boiler, choose the most professional boiler system and service

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