Other Boiler Suppliers Won’t Tell You to Buy Boilers Like This!

December 17, 2019

As we all know, with the development of society and the improvement of the government's requirement for environmental protection, more and more people are demanding higher and higher when they buy industrial boilers, but there are still many users who do not understand what kind of boilers they should buy. Faced with a wide variety of boilers and auxiliary equipment, they still have doubts about brand selection and configuration.

So when purchasing industrial boilers, what kind of industrial boilers should we choose?

1. Buy a boiler at a relatively reasonable price, rather than a boiler at a low price:
When you buy a boiler, you should buy a boiler at a reasonable price. Maybe it is not at the highest price or the lowest price. Usually, I choose it at the middle price. Because 
low-cost boilers in production may use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods or sell seconds at best quality prices. However, if the price is too high, then that will cost too much. Generally, the boilers with intermediate prices are reasonable in quality and configuration. After a comprehensive comparison, appropriate selection can be made.

2. Buy new boilers from boiler manufacturers instead of used ones:
Second-hand boilers are usually eliminated by other factories. Some parts of them must have problems. After purchase, users may need a large sum of money to repair or refit them. Moreover, there are great risks in the use process. Although the price is low, but the service life is very short. It is not recommended to buy second-hand boilers. Contacting with new 
boiler manufacturers, they can design and produce new boilers according to customers’ requirements. The new boilers are more stable and the operation is safer.

3. Purchase boilers with the quality certificate and inspection certificate:
In China and most countries and regions, the use of boilers needs to be filed with local government departments, only boilers after filing are allowed to use. At this time, the boiler quality certificate and inspection certificate is very important, if there is no boiler quality certificate and inspection certificate, the government can not pass the record, and the boiler can not be put into normal use. Just thinking, if boilers without quality certificates and inspection certificates, they are not safe in later use.

4. Purchase boilers with perfect international after-sales service system:
The most important thing about buying a boiler is that we must see if there is a perfect international after-sales service system for this boiler. Because there will inevitably be a variety of problems in the process of using the boiler. If the boiler fails, but can not be solved in time, it will have a bad impact on production and bring huge losses. Therefore, whether there is a perfect after-sales service system is an important indicator when purchasing boilers.

As one of the most powerful boiler brands in China, the quality of EPCB boilers has far exceeded European standards, and they provide a full set of boiler quality certificates and inspection certificates. EPCB boilers have a professional, efficient and powerful international marketing team and after-sales service team so that customers can trustingly buy high-quality boiler products that are suitable for their own factory needs. Welcome to inquire: +86-532-66717007.

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