Advantages Natural Gas Fired Boiler

December 17, 2019

The natural gas-fired boiler is a kind of industrial boiler that burns clean energy – natural gas and outputs hot water or steam for industrial production. In recent years, due to the increasing pressure of environmental protection and the increasingly serious energy crisis, a series of laws and regulations on promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and encouraging the promotion of new energy sources have been introduced by governments all over the world. Natural gas-fired boilers have come into being, breaking the traditional situation of using coal-fired boilers.


Compared with traditional oil-fired boilers and coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers have incomparable advantages, which are mainly embodied in the following aspects:

1.      Gas-fired boilers do not need places where coal ash is stacked, save land use.

2.      Saving water for auxiliary production of boilers. Coal-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers use equal water for normal production, but gas-fired boilers save auxiliary water for dust removal and slag removal that used in coal-fired boilers.

3.      Save operated staff. Gas-fired boilers need fewer auxiliary equipment and fewer staff than coal-fired boilers and users who use gas-fired boiler bear much fewer wages and welfare expenses.

4.      Save the cost of power consumption in boiler production. Gas-fired boilers have fewer fuel conveying and other auxiliary equipment, less power consumption and shorter continuous operation time, so they consume less power and cost less.

5.      Reduce labor intensity. Coal-fired boilers need high-intensity manual labor in the process of coal transportation and slag removal, while gas-fired boilers have less labor intensity because they don’t need that.

6.      The natural gas-fired boiler room has a flexible layout, less floor area, and lower noise.

7.      Improve the environment. Coal-fired boilers produce a large amount of smoke and dust, which pollute the environment greatly. Natural gas is a clean energy source, which greatly improves the environment.

Therefore, natural gas-fired boilers have more advantages than traditional coal-fired boilers. The use of gas-fired boilers is safe and convenient, and can also improve air quality, giving you fresh living space.

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