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September 16, 2022

At present, when countries in the world choose boiler fuel, they often use raw coal or pulverized coal, heavy oil, natural gas, etc. as fuel.Traditional fuels release a large amount of harmful and toxic gases such as sulfur and chlorine during the combustion process, causing serious pollution to the environment.


In many countries and regions, a large amount of biomass fuel is idle. Compared with traditional fuel, biomass fuel not only has economic advantages, but also has environmental protection benefits, which fully meets the requirements of sustainable development.


The Comparative Advantages of Biomass Fuels and Traditional Fuels


1) Biomass fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, and does not corrode equipment, which can prolong the service life of equipment.

2) Since biomass fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, it does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion, so it will not cause acid rain and pollute the environment.

3) Biomass fuel is a renewable resource, and its application effectively reduces the use of non-renewable materials.

4) There is very little ash after the biomass fuel is burned, which greatly reduces the site for stacking ash and reduces the cost of ash treatment.

5) The ashes after burning biomass fuel are high-grade organic potash fertilizers, which can be recycled to generate profits.


In order to better serve customers and allow customers to use the safest and most efficient boiler system at the lowest price, EPCB has developed a rice husk-fueled boiler system to improve thermal efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions. Rice husk boilers have high thermal efficiency and low emission rates, making them ideal for customers looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly boiler system.


Introduction of Rice Husk Combustion Boiler System


The process of this boiler system is that the fuel, that is, rice husks, is transported to the site in bags, unloaded to the hopper by forklifts or manually, and transported to the silo through the belt conveyor; The high-pressure air of the blower is injected into the furnace through the isobaric bellows from the many air cap holes on the air distribution plate, and the scattered air from all sides aggregates into an "air cushion" to hold up the fuel and the charge in a fluidized state and boil and burn, and the fuel and ash are heated at high temperature. The state jumps up and down and rubs, collides and cracks with each other, from small to large until it burns out.


This kind of combustion has the characteristics of large contact area between air and fuel, high relative movement speed, long residence time of fuel in the furnace, fast combustion speed, high burnout rate, energy saving and environmental protection.



Features of Rice Husk Combustion Boiler System


This project uses rice husk as fuel. Compared with other traditional boiler systems, this rice husk fueled boiler system has the following features and advantages:

1) Biomass burning device

The large-tonnage EPCB biomass semi-gasification pellet burner has a single unit calorific value of 12 million Kcal/h, corresponding to a boiler tonnage of 20 tons. It can be applied to the use of a variety of biomass fuels.

2) Safe and automatic feeding system

Intelligent can realize one-key start, safe automatic ignition. Large-Medium-Small fire can be switched automatically by operating conditions.

3) Multi-channel air supply system

The tertiary air is connected to the fuel feed tank. Biofuel is blown into the furnace for combustion, so that the biomass fuel is fully burned and the burnout rate is improved.

4) Higher security

The system before and after the furnace can realize interconnection and interlocking, explosion-proof and anti-tempering. The system operates under micro-negative pressure, and the operation is simple and one person is on duty.

5) More environmentally friendly

The biomass fuel cost is low, the automation control saves labor, the scientific and technological design is efficient, and the comprehensive energy saving effect is obvious.

Environmental protection standards are met, biomass fuel emissions are almost zero pollution, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are far below the national emission standards.





The R&D personnel of EPCB boilers have fully researched this more economical and efficient biomass boiler technology, rationally arrange the heating surface, increase the heating area, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, effectively reduce the emission of pollutants, improve economic and environmental benefits, and serve the global society. The sustainable and coordinated development of economy and environment has laid a good foundation.


With the efforts of EPCB, rice husk boiler systems are becoming more and more popular in the market, providing an efficient and economical option for customers' boiler needs.

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