Technical process
Development History of EPCB

1902 Predecessor 

The textile industry rises in China, we were the boiler installation team and started to enter the boiler industry.

1952 Start Production

Qingdao, as one of the most important industrial city in China, began to produce 0.5 - 4t/h coal

fired steam boilers.

1990 Introduction of Uropean Technology

Introduced the most advanced oil/gas fired boiler technology from Western Europe and began to make contributions to the environmental protection industry in China.

2001 Enter International Market

With the technological innovation of industrial boilers to the second generation, they began to enter the international market.

2010 Create International Marketing Team

Creat the international R & D team, marketing team, service team, and walk in the front of the industry.

2016 Make Achievements

More than 100 countries have used boilers, and 400t boilers have been successfully developed.

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