Industrial Electric Heating Boiler Application Guide|Where Would it be Cheaper to Use?

February 25, 2022

Industrial electric heating boiler, also known as industrial electric boiler, is a boiler product that uses electricity as fuel. It can not only be used in heating, but also in the field of industrial heating. As we all know, in most areas, the cost of electricity as a fuel is slightly higher than that of traditional coal, natural gas and other fuels, which will lead to higher operating costs. So, why are industrial electric heating boilers still one of the mainstream boiler products? What are its advantages?


Industrial Electric Heating Boiler Advantages


1. Environmental protection and zero pollution

Industrial electric heating boilers use fuel as electricity, and there will be no tail gas emissions. They are truly environmentally friendly boilers with the characteristics of zero pollution. They are the most environmentally friendly products among many boiler products.

2. High thermal efficiency

The thermal efficiency of industrial electric heating boiler is over 98%, which is one of the products with higher thermal efficiency among boiler products. Increased thermal efficiency results in shorter operating hours, less fuel consumption, and lower costs.

3. High degree of intelligence

The industrial electric heating boiler has an intelligent control system, which can be operated by setting the program. Just start the power start button, and there is no need for personnel to be on duty after starting, and the operation is simple and fast.

4. Simple structure and good safety

The main structure of the industrial electric heating boiler is simple, there is no combustion chamber, and there is no flue. There will be no problems such as deflagration and leakage in

coal-fired and oil-fired gas boilers. In this sense, industrial electric heating boilers are safer.


Where can Industrial Electric Heating Boilers be Used Cheaply?


So how to maximize the advantages of industrial electric heating boilers, and where will it be cheaper to apply it?

1. In some countries with sufficient power and low cost;

In some countries with sufficient electric energy and low cost, such as Ethiopia, industrial electric heating boilers are used, which reduces the overall operating cost of the boilers;

2. In some areas with high environmental protection requirements;

In some areas with extremely high environmental protection requirements and a large urban population, industrial electric heating boilers can be selected, because it saves a lot of cost compared to equipping ordinary boilers with dust removal and energy-saving devices, and it is difficult for ordinary boilers to achieve absolute environmental protection requirements;

3. Some small-scale enterprises with industrial heating needs;

For some small-scale enterprises with industrial heating needs,equipping an industrial electric heating boiler can save a large part of the cost (labor cost and boiler cost) and fully meet the production needs.

How to Save Industrial Electric Heating Boilers Cost ?


After choosing an industrial electric heating boiler, we can also save operating costs through the following measures:


1. Choose industrial electric heating boilers with suitable power, and choose the boiler products that are just used in our boilers according to your own needs, so as to avoid purchasing boilers with excessive power, resulting in cost waste;


2. Reasonably control the temperature of the boiler and reduce the temperature difference between the main engine of the boiler and the surrounding environment. The temperature determines the operating cost of the industrial electric heating boiler, and the appropriate temperature is sufficient without overheating;


3. Improve the operation level of boiler workers, make boiler workers skilled, efficient and scientific in operation, and cut off the power supply in time when the boiler is closed to avoid excessive waste of fuel;




Industrial electric heating boilers are widely used in some areas with high environmental protection requirements and large urban populations, and involve many industries, such as plastic machinery, food machinery, chemical industry, clothing, medicine and other industries. If you do not know what to choose for your enterprise For fuel boilers, you can contact EPCB. We have professional project engineers who will give you reasonable suggestions according to the needs of your country and industry.


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