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March 24, 2022

For businesses that need steam, finding the right boiler can be a real challenge. Modular, on-demand steam boiler systems offer a new reference for businesses and industries looking for reliability, energy efficiency and safety, especially those with limited space.


What is a Modular Boiler?


  • Modular boiler work together


Modular boilers are a group of small boilers (each module is like a small boiler, consisting of several independent modules), they can operate as a whole boiler to provide steam output at the same time, and can also operate one of the modules independently, the main controller The logic program controls the precise output of steam, and the modular boiler was developed to provide high efficiency to meet the needs of enterprises with fluctuating load demands. By connecting multiple modules in series, the system starts or closes modules directly in response to demand through digital, precise and intelligent judgment. When steam is not needed, the module shuts down; when demand increases, the module can be quickly turned on.


  • Each module operates independently of other modules


Each module is equipped with an independent burner that works separately from the other modules. One of the main advantages of the modular design is that if one of the modules needs repair or maintenance, the other modules can continue to work and provide steam while the related module is being repaired. This means you don't have to worry about taking your production line down for maintenance or repairs. (By contrast, if a conventional boiler fails, the plant stops production entirely until the boiler is repaired or replaced.)


  • Modular boiler can be used interchangeably


Because each module can be used alternately according to the workload, the wear and tear of each part is greatly reduced. Rotating units also allow maintenance technicians to provide service without shutting down any other modules, and the drawer-style installation provides great convenience for servicing.


  • Modular boiler realize energy saving and environmental protection


With the ability to quickly turn the boiler on or off, modular boilers save water and fuel that traditional boilers typically waste. Fuel efficiency improvements can save up to 20% in annual fuel costs. As an added benefit, modular boilers are designed to emit extremely low NOx and CO2 emissions, helping companies comply with the strictest emission standards while protecting the environment. This is especially important in today's advocacy of carbon neutrality.


Modular Boiler Composition

Each module of the modular boiler contains at least: fire exhaust, heat exchanger, steam-water separator, circulating water pump, induced draft fan and thermal insulation layer.


Modular Boiler Steam Generation Process


The steam source subverts the working principle and working process of traditional steam equipment "water storage - heating - water boiling - generating steam". The steam source uses the self-developed new "straight-through steam generation technology", which makes the tap water flow through the combustion chamber and instantly converts the water into steam, thus reducing the process and link of "water storage-heating-water boiling" in traditional steam equipment. The whole process to steam generation is completed within 3 seconds.


Modular Boiler Advantages


1. It is installed nearby, eliminating the need for boiler room construction and saving boiler room investment costs;

2. Small size, light weight, less auxiliary machines, reducing transportation costs;

3. Independent frequency conversion control, on-demand functions, to avoid waste;

4. Install nearby to reduce pipe damage;

5. Double condensation waste heat recovery, high thermal efficiency;

6.3 seconds to produce steam to avoid waste of waste heat and fuel;

7. No need for special guards, reducing labor costs;


The biggest advantage of choosing a modular boiler system is high thermal efficiency, the benefits of which are huge, and a high-efficiency boiler can save a lot of cost during its life cycle.


 EPCB New Modular Boiler Cost Comparison


You don't have to look far to find the most efficient boilers, EPCB is known for developing innovative ultra-low moisture on-demand steam boilers that are low cost and high efficiency. Most companies that install new high-efficiency EPCB systems report annual energy savings of up to 20% or more due to lower fuel costs.


Let's take a look at the cost budget. (The following data is for reference only. The following calculations are theoretical data and do not represent the actual calculation. The actual situation shall prevail.)


Calculated by working 300 days a year, 12 hours a day;  Natural gas price is 3.5 yuan /m3(adjustable according to local prices) as the basis for calculation.


Product type

1 T traditional gas boiler

1 set EPCB1000 unit

Conversion of savings (yuan)


Natural gas consumption





Steam pipe loss


 equal to 0



Start-up preheating loss


equal to 0



Labor cost


equal to 0



Annual review fee


equal to 0



Intelligent control

No matter how much steam is needed, need to start boiler

Modular design, heating on demand




Calculated based on the output of 1 ton, using EPCB steam module boiler can save customers 380,000 yuan per year compared to the use of traditional oil-fired steam boilers, regardless of the intelligent control savings, and save the investment of two and a half sets of equipment a year.


Note: The calculation table only reflects the cost savings in the operation of the equipment. In addition to the above savings, the nearby installation of the equipment does not require the construction of the boiler room, and the transportation cost savings of the small size of the equipment are not calculated.


This impressive cost savings mainly comes from the better control and larger turn down ratio of the modular boiler system. If you are interested in this product, please contact EPCB boiler, we have professional engineers to answer your questions.


It is our mission to make every factory use a safe and stable boiler system.


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