Introduction of commonly used valves in industrial boiler systems.

September 15, 2020

Introduction of Commonly Used Valves in Industrial Boiler Systems.

This article mainly introduces you to several kinds of valves regularly used in industrial boiler systems and shows their corresponding working principle by 3D diagrams. Let you understand more intuitively. When designing industrial boiler systems for users, EPCB Boiler will provide the most suitable number of valves to reduce your purchase cost.

The Fixed Ball Valve 

It controls the opening and closing of the valve by rotating the ball in the valve. There is a through-hole in the middle of the ball, which can be rotated 90°. The diameter of the through-hole is equal to or smaller than the diameter of the pipe. When the ball rotates 90°, the inlet and outlet of the pipe The surfaces are spherical, thus closing the valve and cutting off the fluid. When the ball valve rotates 90°, the inlet and outlet surfaces of the pipeline are all spherical holes. The fluid passes through the valve, and the ball valve can rotate to different angles to control the size of the fluid; Used in the circulation system of an industrial boiler system. Fixed ball valves are often used in general pipelines, such as conveying water, oil, steam, etc.

The Shut-off Valve

Also known as the shut-off valve can completely seal the outlet of the valve seat by rotating the valve stem to apply pressure, thereby preventing fluid flow; the shut-off valve is commonly used in some corrosive gas and liquid pipelines.

The Gate Valve

like a gate, controls the fluid by rotating the valve stem and controlling the vertical movement of the gate. The sealing rings on both sides of the gate can completely seal the entire section. The gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed, and cannot be used to regulate flow. The valve is used; the gate valve is mainly used in the pipeline as a shut-off device.

The Swing Check Valve 

It opens the valve cover by the pressure of the fluid. When the pressure of the fluid in the valve inlet and outlet pipes is equalized, the valve cover can be closed by its own gravity to prevent the fluid from passing through. Its main function is to prevent the fluid from flowing back. , Belonging to the category of automatic valves;

The Butterfly Valve

Also called the flap valve, can be rotated by 90°, and the disc can be rotated by rotating the valve stem, and the flow of the fluid can be controlled by changing the angle of the disc. It can be used to cut off, connect, and adjust the fluid in the pipeline; Regulating and blocking devices.

The Regulating Valve

Also called the control valve, is used to control the size of the fluid. When the regulating part of the valve receives the regulating signal, the valve stem will automatically control the opening and closing degree of the valve according to the signal, so as to adjust the fluid flow rate and pressure; often used for heating, Steam, and other pipelines.

Only when the valve is installed correctly can the industrial boiler system operate more safely and stably. The installation direction can be seen in the 3D sectional view. At the same time, there are related liquid flow indications on the valve surface.

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