How to Maintain an Industrial Boiler to Extend Your Boiler Life

February 02, 2023

When it comes to boiler maintenance, companies that own industrial boilers must understand how to best maintain their equipment in order to get the most out of their investment. A well-maintained industrial boiler will help extend its lifespan and increase its efficiency – a financial benefit for any business over time.

EPCB has decades of experience in specialty industrial boilers and we will discuss key tips and best practices for properly maintaining industrial boilers so you can rest easy knowing you are doing everything possible to keep your plant running successfully.


After the boiler was shut down and the pot water was released, the humidity in the pot was very high, the ventilation was poor, and the metal surface of the boiler was in a humid state for a long time. Under the action of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the boiler metal is corroded and rusted.


After it is put into operation again, it will threaten the safe operation of the boiler.


Therefore, to ensure the safe and economical operation of the boiler, it is necessary to do a good job of anti-corrosion maintenance after the boiler is shut down!


Stress Maintenance

Maintenance Time:

When the shutdown time does not exceed one week.

Specific Maintenance Method:

Before the shutdown process is terminated, fill the steam-water system with water, keep the residual pressure in the boiler at about (0.05~0.1) MPa, and keep the boiler water temperature above 100°C without oxygen.


The pressure inside the boiler prevents outside air from entering the boiler and corroding the boiler.


Regularly heat the adjacent furnace or the furnace to maintain the pressure and temperature in the boiler.


Wet Maintenance

Maintenance Time:

When the furnace is out of service for less than one month.

Specific Maintenance Method:

The boiler steam-water system is filled with soft water containing alkali, and the door is open.


The aqueous solution with proper alkalinity can form a stable oxide film with the metal surface to prevent corrosion from proceeding.


Bake the oven on low heat regularly to keep the outside of the heating surface dry. Turn on the pump periodically to circulate the water. Test to control pot water alkalinity

(PH: 10~12). Check all door openings for leaks. Before the boiler is ready to ignite and run, all anti-corrosion liquid should be drained and rinsed with clean water. Wet maintenance is adopted in cold weather, and attention should be paid to heat preservation and antifreeze.

Dry Maintenance

Maintenance Time:

Long-term shutdown maintenance of industrial boilers.

Specific Maintenance Method:

After the boiler is out of service, drain the pot water, remove the scale and sludge in the pot, and dry the heating surface, and then put the non-metallic container with a desiccant (anhydrous calcium chloride, quicklime or silica gel, etc.) Put them into the drum and header, and arrange them evenly along the length of the drum. Tightly close all valves, manholes, and hand holes to prevent air from entering and keep the inner surface of the boiler dry for a long time.


Desiccants absorb moisture in the boiler destroying the potential for corrosion.


Regularly check the maintenance status (drum, header, etc., about 10 days for the first time, and check once every 1 to 2 months thereafter), and replace the desiccant that fails in time.


Inflatable Maintenance

Maintenance Time:

Long-term shutdown maintenance.

Specific Maintenance Method:

After removing the scale and sludge, make the heating surface fully dry, and then use nitrogen or ammonia gas to fill the system from the height of the boiler to exhaust the air, and keep the pressure above 0.05Mpa.


Nitrogen is non-corrosive and prevents corrosion of the boiler during shutdown. Ammonia, which removes air from the system and prevents oxygen corrosion.


When the air pressure drops, it should be replenished with air. Tiancun gas has strong permeability (especially ammonia gas, which has a spiritual smell when leaking), and blind plates and rubber pads are used at the valves, water supply valves and sewage valves;Manholes and hand holes are also replaced with rubber gaskets, and the bolts are tightened to seal tightly.

The boiler is the "core" of the factory's heating, and everyone should take good care of it~if you have any question about boiler,please contact us.


EPCB,your private boiler system expert!

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