Chain Grate Boiler Problem Analysis and Solution

November 11, 2022

Chain boiler is a kind of mechanical layer-fired boiler widely used in industrial boilers. It is reliable in operation, easy to operate, and adapts to a wide range of coal types. However, there are some problems in operation. The following is an analysis of some common problems of chain grate boilers.


Problems and Solutions of Air Supply in Air Chamber


The uneven distribution of air across the grate greatly affects the economy of boiler operation.


1. When the air supply from one side or the air distribution is uneven, in order to burn the fuel in the weak wind area, increase the blowing volume and increase the loss.

2. Due to the uneven air distribution, the temperature on both sides of the furnace will be uneven, which will shorten the service life of the grate and affect the safe operation of the boiler.


Factors and Solutions for Uneven Air Distribution in the Grate


(1) Effects of ventilation and solutions

Reasonable ventilation is to divide the grate into three areas: the pilot area, the combustion area, and the ember area.

(2) The influence of the air chamber pressure head and solution

During reconstruction or installation, the cross-sectional area of the inlet window should be enlarged as much as possible to reduce the initial pressure head of the window airflow.

(3) Influence of grate and coal seam thickness resistance

The coal should be fed according to the particle size required in the boiler design to prevent the natural separation caused by the uneven amount of coal in the coal hopper.

(4) Influence of other factors

The size of the air ditch reserved for the grate, the airtightness of the air chamber, the size of the channeling air between the air chambers, the tightness of the ash door, the position of the air door and the position of the air door shaft all affect the uneven distribution of air.


Problems and Solutions of Chain Grate Boiler Combustion


The coal ignition conditions of the chain furnace are poor, the combustion process is not easy to strengthen, the thermal efficiency of the boiler during operation is low, and the economic benefits are poor, resulting in waste of energy.



(1) Change the ignition method of the fire bed, and use the coal thrower to feed the coal to create superior ignition conditions to ensure that the coal burns on the grate.

(2) During the operation of the grate, the air permeability is increased, so that the air in the coal combustion can be fully supplemented and the combustion conditions are improved.



There are many problems in chain boilers, and the reasons are different. Taking scientific and realistic measures for the actual problems will get better results.

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