About Products:

  • A: EPCB’s oil gas fired boiler could burn both liquid fuel and gaseous fuel. The liquid fuel could be heavy oil, light oil, diesel, furnace oil, fuel oil, bunker oil, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), etc. The gaseous fuel could be natural gas, city gas, bio-gas, CNG, etc.

  • A: The texture of the spirally corrugated tube is 20# steel.

  • A: Usually, our boilers is equipped with Italy famous brand burner, such as Baltur, Rellio, Ecoflam, etc. But we can also equip Germany Weishaupt, Finland Oilon, etc. That depends on customers’ requirement.

  • A: The inlet gas pressure is different for different capacity boiler, for example, the pressure for 2 ton steam capacity boiler is about 8~10KPa, while for 4 ton steam capacity boiler is about 12~25KPa. You can tell us the boiler capacity you want, we will help you to get the gas inlet pressure.

  • A: The feed water pump we choose is Nanyuan, CNP (which is famous brand in China), Groudfos (Danish famous brand), etc., with high quality.

  • A: Yes. We have ski-mounted (module type) boiler and container boiler, which have been installed in our factory and can be used directly after connecting the pipe and wiring.

  • A: We provide a complete set of boiler design solution and quotation, including model selection, technical parameters, boiler room design, boiler installation guidance and commissioning, etc., as long as you tell us your requirements.

  • A: Yes. EPCB Boiler have oil & gas dual fuel fired boiler and coal/biomass & gas fired boiler. We also have boilers can burn multiple fuel. We can offer the special boilers based on customers’ requirement, just tell us your requirement.

  • A: Generally, the texture of the corrugated furnace in our boiler is Q245R, Q345R, Q235R. It depends on the capacity and working pressure of the boiler.

  • A: The thickness of our corrugated furnace is different based on working pressure and furnace diameter, generally, the thickness is between 10~18mm with large combustion space and sufficient combustion.

  • A: Normally the design life for our boiler is more than 20 years. And the actual life is related to the local water quality, the nature of power supply, the use environment, the operation level, etc. Users use it strictly according to the operation regulations, then its life can be prolonged a lot.

  • A: We have two kinds of electric control cabinets, one is push-button type, another is PLC touch screen type, display in English. The push-button type is common and simple for operator, the plc type is more intelligent to show working condition details of boiler and and analyze the operation data.

  • A: OK, no problem. If you want to purchase all installation materials, just tell us, then we can also offer you. You can purchase all materials from us at one time.

  • A: Steam boilers are equipped with normal temperature feed water pumps, the tolerance temperature is -15℃-70℃. And hot water boilers are equipped with hot water circulating pumps, the tolerance temperature is -15℃-120℃

About Service:

  • A: After customers’ boiler is in place, we’ll arrange our engineer to go to user’s factory and give you the installation guidance and commissioning when we get the installation advice from customers.

  • A: Of course, we can give users some chain grate bars, electrical components for control panel box or other installation materials.

  • A: Of course. After your purchase, we will send you all documents including all boiler general drawing, pipes & instruments drawing, foundation drawing, quality certificate, certificate of origin, boiler operation manual, etc.

  • A: Yes, we do. Our engineer will go to customer’s factory site to give the user’s operator guidance and training during the period of commissioning until they are skilled in boiler operation.

  • A: Yes. EPCB boiler have some maintenance service center in some countries. You can tell me your region, we will help you to make an appointment to maintenance. Of course, we can also offer you the timely maintenance method or send our engineer to help you if there is no maintenance service center in your region.

  • A: Of course. Just tell us your country and schedule, we will pick you up to our factory. If you want to visit our boiler operation site, then it need to make an appointment in advance, we will arrange you to visit the site nearest to you.

About Delivery:

About Payment:

  • A: We support various modes of transportation, such as by sea, by land and by air. You can choose any mode of transportation according to your actual situation.

  • A: Generally, the delivery time is 15~25 days for boilers≦6Ton , 25~40 days for boilers>6Ton.

  • A: We usually accept T/T, L/C at sight, or Usance L/C Payable at Sight. If you want other payment mode, we can negotiate.

About Price:

About Warranty:

  • A: You can tell us your target price, then we will give you the best discount according to your target price after we apply to our financial department.

  • A: You can tell us the boiler capacity, the fuel you plan to use and the steam pressure you need, and then we will give you the reasonable quotation immediately by Email, Whatsapp, Skype, Wechat or any other communication tool you use.

  • A: Usually the warranty period of our equipment is 12 months after the B/L date (except spare parts) . We can negotiate with each other under special circumstances.

  • A: Yes, every product is 1 year quality warranty under customer correct using the products.

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