EPCB Modular Boiler Exceeds National Requirements in Rigorous Testing

April 18, 2023

EPCB modular boilers have just passed an intense test from the Shandong Special Inspection Institute, proving the high quality and efficiency of the product. The measured water volume of 1 ton modular steam boiler is 22.89L, which is far less than the national requirement of 30L water volume for steam generators. Additionally, the thermal efficiency was found to be 98.97%, and the smoke temperature was lower than 60℃.


“We are very proud that our EPCB modular boiler has been tested and approved by Shandong Special Inspection Institute," said CEO Frank. "This proves that our products are reliable and efficient, meeting all necessary requirements."


EPCB modular boiler is designed to be safe, efficient and user-friendly. It features a compact design that makes it easy to install in any space, while its automated system ensures optimal performance at all times. In addition, its water circulation system ensures that no water wastage occurs during operation and it also helps improve energy efficiency by reducing energy loss during heat transfer process. This makes it a great choice for commercial applications.


EPCB's commitment to producing top-notch products is evident in this latest achievement as their modular boiler has once again proved its worth through passing such a rigorous test from one of China's leading inspection institutes with flying colors. This latest accomplishment only goes to show how dedicated Dongneng is in providing customers with high quality products that are reliable and efficient for many years to come.


“At EPCB, we strive to create products that meet even the highest standards set by industry experts," said COO Filed “We are thrilled with this outcome because it shows our commitment towards creating reliable yet efficient products for our customers."

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