Prepare Yourself For Success: 6 Crucial Questions About the Canton Fair Answered

April 11, 2023

Canton Fair, also known as China Import and Export Fair, is one of the largest trade fairs in the world, attracting thousands of buyers and sellers from all over the globe. 

If you are planning to attend the Canton Fair, you might want to know six important things to get the best out of the event. In this blog post, we will discuss them in detail.

1. What is the Canton Fair?


The Canton Fair, formally known as the China Import and Export Fair, is a comprehensive international trade event that has been held regularly since 1957. It is organized by the China Foreign Trade Centre every year in Guangzhou, allowing over 210,000 exhibitors to showcase their products.This event gives domestic and overseas buyers access to thousands of quality Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.


Overall, the Canton Fair provides all kinds of opportunities both domestic and global traders need to build successful business partnerships in today's ever changing economic landscape; it not only enables companies like EPCB Boilers show off latest innovations but also has given important impetus international trading in general.

2. Do you attend the Canton Fair?


Yes, we do attend the Canton Fair! It is a great opportunity for us to gain insights into the latest developments in global trade and industry.


EPCB Boiler offers an extensive range of advanced industrial steam boilers which are perfect for any commercial applications. From coal-fired boilers to gas-fired models, they offer both fire tube and water tube designs to suit all types of needs. In terms of efficiency, their products boast high thermal efficiency ratings due to their full condensing design and self-developed microcomputer control systems with low energy consumption capabilities. This makes them ideal for any business looking to save on electricity bills while maintain optimal production levels at all times.


3. What are the benefits of attending the Canton Fair?


Attending the Canton Fair can offer numerous benefits to those interested in international trade. First and foremost, it is an ideal opportunity for businesses to network with potential customers or suppliers from around the world. It exposes business owners and representatives of firms from all sorts of industry fields to a wide range of products, services and solutions that may be beneficial for their operations. Not only could this result in valuable business relationships being forged but it also provides the chance to learn about trends and innovations in relevant markets.


Furthermore, the Canton Fair offers exhibitors a great platform for showcasing their products or services which can often help them establish strong positions within foreign markets. This applies particularly when manufacturers are looking to market innovative technologies.Therefore, attending events like Canton Fair could result in significant growth opportunities both domestically and abroad for vendors selling these types of technological breakthroughs via partnerships or alliances with Chinese distributors offering them internationally renowned quality standards.


4. How do I add people to my Canton Fair workspace?

Adding people to your workspace at the Canton Fair is a quick and easy process. To get started, log in with your account credentials on and click on the “Workspaces” tab. You will be directed to a page where you can see all of your current workspaces, including any that you already have set up for the Canton Fair.


Once here, click on the workspace that you want to add people to and then select “Invite People” from the drop-down menu. This will open up an invitation window that includes fields such as name, email address, role (attendee or exhibitor), and special instructions. Enter in appropriate information for each person you’d like to invite into this workspace and then hit submit!


The individuals who are added as attendees or exhibitors should receive an email within minutes of submission prompting them to accept their invitation into this workspace (which may include details about EPCB boilers). It is important they respond quickly so that their participation in events can go smoothly! Once they have accepted their invitations, they will be able access resources related to participating in activities within this workspace such as viewing contacts lists or making group announcements during periods of activity at the fair itself.


5. How do I create a Canton Fair channel?

Creating a Canton Fair channel can provide you with many business opportunities and the potential to grow. To create such a channel, you will need to register first on the Canton Fair website and then follow their instructions. You must also familiarize yourself with some of their specific rules and regulations in order to be successful in taking part in any activities related to the event.



Also, if your company plans on bringing products or displaying them at the fair, make sure they are up-to-date with existing safety standards regarding technology and material selection. Aside from that, there are several strategies available when registering or participating such as participation packages tailored especially for small enterprises, advertising campaigns designed around individual needs budgets etc., plus product presentation methodologies based upon current market trends that could increase exposure through efficient public relations techniques among others things . All these elements can help ensure greater visibility during the event which may attract more buyers from various countries around world hence potentially opening new international markets for your company's products or services.


6. What are some of the best Canton Fair tips and tricks?


The Canton Fair is one of the biggest trade events in the world and offers a unique platform to showcase new products and services. As such, it's important to make sure that you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve to ensure your success at the event. Here are a few they suggest:


1. Research before attending – You should always invest time into researching product categories, exhibitors, and trends so that you can better prepare yourself for any questions or unexpected situations you might encounter while at the fair.


2. Networking is key – It’s not simply enough just to attend as networking during the event is key for finding potential leads. Don't be afraid to talk with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors—you never know who could prove beneficial for future collaborations!


3. Check out innovative products – Make sure you spend some solid time looking around booths showcasing different innovative products so that you can understand what’s currently buzzing in the industry today.


4. Focus on EPCB boiler Manufacturer - If possible try communicating with an EPCB boiler manufacturer as they offer various solutions from large-scale industrial boilers to small ones —Their presence at market leading exhibitions like Canton Fair makes them visible & easily accessible too!


5.Plan your booth visits & meetings - This goes without saying but planning ahead will save time while walking around congested Trade show floors filled with visitors & exhibitors alike  – Try using technology or apps like Google Maps/Apple maps or tracking applications built by show organizers themselves !


6. Showcase personalised communications - Offering personalised communications (example- mass customisation options) would also be great way of engaging with customers when attendance rate is high ! Utilise this opportunity to attract more attention towards offerings .  


7. Follow up – Always send follow-up emails after meeting potential contacts at the fair – Its important stay top of mind even after people have left the venue ! Try staying connected via social media platforms like LinkedIn etc if viable .


Going through these tips will definitely help increase efficiency whilst getting maximum value out of exhibiting at canton Fair , Good luck !

Attached Canton Fair travel strategy:


Metro Line 8 passes through the Canton Fair Complex.

From Exit A of Xingangdong Metro Station, you can reach Area A of the Canton Fair Complex

From the A and B entrances and exits of the Pazhou Metro Station, you can go to the B area of the Canton Fair Complex

Walk 300 meters west from Exit C of Metro Pazhou Station to Area C of Canton Fair Complex



B7 Express Line; Peak Express Line 77; University Town Special Line 3; Tourist Bus Line 3; 229; 239; 262; 304; 582; 763; 988.



Taxis are an important part of public transportation in Guangzhou. They are convenient and quick, stop at the touch of a hand, and charge by the meter.

Reminder: Taxi can only pick up and drop off passengers outside the exhibition hall.

self-driving car


Canton Fair Complex Area A

Enter from Gate 8 of Yuejiang Middle Road, drive along Zhanchang West Road to the slope and get off at the basement. When leaving the venue, drive out from the slope on the first floor of Hall 1.1, leave from Gate 6 before 16:00, and exit from 5 after 16:00. Gate number left.

Canton Fair Complex Area B

Gate No. 2 on Yuejiang Middle Road enters the North Square of Area B, and Gate No. 3 enters the Northeast Parking Lot.

Canton Fair Complex Area C

Go to the No. 12 gate on Huizhan South 3rd Road and enter the underground parking lot.

Kind tips:

1. If no exhibition is held in this area, the parking lot will not be open to the public.

2. Due to the influence of the construction of Metro Line 11 and the construction of the fourth phase of the Canton Fair Complex, the number of parking spaces in the complex is very tight. Exhibitors and buyers are advised to travel by public transportation

【Schematic diagram of the exhibition hall】

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