2 Sets 2T/h Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler in Bangladesh

2 Sets 2Th Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler in Bangladesh2
2 Sets 2Th Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler in Bangladesh

Mode: Oil/gas Double Drum

Capacity: 2 Ton/h

Application: Garments Factory

Main Advantages of 2T/h Heavy Oil Fired Steam Boiler:
1. Corrugated furnace and threaded pipe increase the thermal efficiency.
2. Equipped with explosion-proof device and Simens electric control box.
3. Low exhaust gas temperature, low heat loss and low fuel consumption.
4. The layout is compact and reasonable, and small boiler floor area.
5. High degree of automation, safety and stability performance.

2 sets of condensing heavy oil fired steam boiler, used in Bangladesh capital-Dhaka, the user is a well-known textile group in the region. In order to expand the company’s production scale, the enterprise has purchased 6 sets of different types of boilers from us, including 1 set of 1 t/h duel fuel (oil&gas) fired steam boiler, 1 set of 4 t/h and 2 sets of 6 ton/hr biomass fired steam boiler. In the figures, there is 2 sets of condensing steam boiler burning heavy oil.

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