10.5MW Oil Fired Central Heating Boilers in Kazakhstan

Mode: Oil Fired

Capacity: Boiler

Application: Central Heating

All over the world, the heating system has been using the atmospheric hot water boiler for heating. Because this kind of hot water boiler fundamentally solves the possibility of explosion and brings many outstanding advantages.

Today's boilers still use the way of the heat exchanger to convert the heat energy of the circulating water in the boiler system into the external circulating water of the heating system.

The hot water output from one boiler flows through multiple heat exchangers through the water distribution system. Now, the plate heat exchanger is widely used in the heat exchanger. The heat exchange efficiency is about 95%.

This set of oil fired central heating boilers is solved by fully considering the local oil supply systems, heating systems, heating area, and other factors. Equipped with an efficient energy saver. Flue gas treatment device, etc. Energy-saving and emission reduction have been achieved in all aspects. Highly praised by the local government!

With more and more people using the EPCB boiler, the brand of epcb is more and more known and recognized by more and more people. More and more dealers are willing to sell epcb boilers.

We firmly believe that epcb will become the preferred supplier of a complete industrial boiler system in the world.

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