8T/h Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Bangladesh

8T Gas-Fired Steam Boiler Sent to Bangladesh
8T Gas-Fired Steam Boiler Sent to Bangladesh

Mode: Steam Boiler

Capacity: 8 T/h

Application: Garment Factory

The operating cost is the most concerned about every boiler buyer, and no matter what kind of boiler the operating cost is, in fact, it is ultimately based on the calculation of fuel costs. Because boiler fuel costs can account for nearly 90% of the total boiler operating costs.


In Bangladesh, wood, rice husks, etc. are low-priced and readily available fuels. Many Bangladeshi manufacturers choose coal-fired or biomass-fired boilers to meet their production needs.


This customer of EPCB is one of them. Due to the expansion of reproduction, they want to purchase another biomass-fired boiler. Due to the smooth communication in the early stage, the customer quickly determined the boiler model, and the EPCB project engineer also worked at the fastest speed. A complete set of boiler solutions has been designed and approved by customers.


In order to allow customers to use the boiler as soon as possible, the EPCB factory accelerated the production pace and prepared the boiler and auxiliary machines in the shortest time. At this time, the customer proposed to replace the biomass-fired boiler with a gas-fired steam boiler. The reason is that local government policies:subsidize gas costs for export enterprises, which will greatly reduce the fuel cost of boilers, that is, operating costs.


Combined with factors such as more intelligent control of gas boilers, higher thermal efficiency, and cheaper fuel prices, as well as other customer needs, EPCB agreed to the customer's replacement requirements. You must know how much loss EPCB will bear with this change. Many auxiliary boilers of biomass-fired boilers will be replaced, and coal/biomass boilers not selling well in China due to environmental policy, and these things can only be internalized.


EPCB always puts the needs of customers in the first place, and truly thinks about customers. As a result, the pace of production was accelerated, and the boilers and auxiliary machines were prepared in the shortest time. Customers are very satisfied with our service.


At present, the boiler system has reached the user site, and the project is advancing steadily and at a high speed. Any questions that arise during this period, EPCB has given timely and effective answers.


It is our greatest achievement to enable our clients' new projects to be launched as quickly as possible.

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