6T/h Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Uzbekistan

6T/h Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Uzbekistan

Mode: Steam Boiler

Capacity: 6 T/h

Application: Paint Factory

When purchasing the second boiler for the factory, the paint factory in Tashkent had already purchased a 6T steam boiler locally. But the quality and operation of the boiler were not ideal, so the paint factory turned to EPCB boiler experts.EPCB is already a well-known supplier of steam boiler solutions in Uzbekistan.


At the boiler exhibition, the agent of EPCB brought the paint factory owner to the booth. The two parties discussed the parameters of the boiler used by the factory and made a request to visit other boiler projects.


Therefore, the EPCB engineer led the owner of the paint factory to visit a nearby textile user of EPCB. By comparison, the advantages of the EPCB boiler are much higher than the original boiler of the paint factory. Customers have a high sense of trust in EPCB boilers. Then, we were invited to his factory for guidance. The paint factory is still under construction, and there is a large open space. Combined with some conditions on site and the needs of customers, our engineers have given a complete layout drawing of the boiler room.


The customer was very satisfied, and in the following period, the customer had an in-depth discussion with EPCB engineers on the process flow. The entire communication process was smooth, which quickly shortened the entire project's advancement time.


Soon, the paint factory submitted a purchase list, which was the paint factory's second boiler outfit - built in a brand new facility in response to the growing demands of the paint factory's business.


EPCB steam boiler adopts a horizontal three-return wet-back fire tube structure, with automatic control and interlocking protection functions, ensuring that the boiler can operate 100% safely.


It should be pointed out that when choosing a well-known brand water pump with an intelligent control system, EPCB specifically pointed out that boilers above 6T often need to be equipped with water pump frequency conversion to prevent energy waste caused by full-load operation of the boiler. Customers appreciate it. For everything EPCB has done, customers have seen it, and the EPCB boiler has been running for 2 years without any problems during this period.


It is EPCB's mission to make safe and reliable boiler systems available to every factory.


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