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Mode: Steam Boiler

Capacity: 5T/h

Application: Oil mill

This oil mill in Uzbekistan is associated with EPCB at the boiler exhibition. The customer looked anxious at the exhibition because his oil mill urgently needed a boiler.EPCBboiler service starts now.

Knowing the customer's needs, the epcb engineer immediately established contact with him.Because our project engineer is proficient in Russian and has achieved barrier-free communication. The customer has been engaged in the oil extraction industry for many years and has a relatively understanding of the relevant parameters of the boiler. Based on the requirements and parameters he gave, we only spent a morning designing a complete set of solutions and equipped with very detailed information.

The customer was shocked by the response speed and work attitude of epcb, it is exactly what he needs at present, so he chose to cooperate with epcb more firmly.

Through communication with the customer, the customer put forward a new demand, can the cost be further reduced?

Cost reduction is not so easy. Every time epcb quotes are from the customer's point of view. Taking into account the safe operation of the boiler, every aspect of boiler raw material procurement, body design and auxiliary equipment is not to be sloppy. EPCB has done it sincerely for customers to save money.

Therefore, we proposed a solution to change the way of freight: from automobile transportation to railway transportation. This can save nearly half of the cost.


With the change of freight mode, we need to do one more work to design the container. In order to save customers more money, we quickly provided solutions, carefully designed the container, and rationally arranged the boiler and accessories, so as not to waste every inch of space.


During the delivery period, the global temperature dropped sharply, and the real-time temperature was -20°C. In order to ensure that the boiler was transported in a low temperature environment without any problems:

1. Before delivery, we carefully check whether there is water in the boiler to ensure that there will be no freezing and cracking of the pipeline due to low temperature freezing;

2. Insulation design for the inner wall of the container, It can avoid damage to the boiler body and auxiliary equipment in rain and snow during transportation;

Our staff did all the work in place and worked overtime to complete the delivery in the early morning of the day.


At present, the project has been completed and the customer is very satisfied, but our service has not terminated. We will provide timely and effective answers to any questions in this process, so that the entire project can be completed more quickly. Letting customers' projects start as quickly as possible is our biggest gain.


Choose EPCB, choose the most professional boiler system and service!

If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Manager and we will get back to you as soon as possible
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