Originated a Used steam boiler, Professional service to win Mauritius customer

Mode: Steam Boiler

Capacity: 2T/h

Application: Brewery

If you ask what EPCB can provide customers, we will answer without hesitation: a high-quality boiler system and perfect service. We are not just talking.

When customers in Mauritius find us, our service has already begun.

They bought a local used boiler. This boiler was sold by us in 2016. When the customer bought this boiler, the seller did not provide relevant documents about the boiler. Therefore, the customer finds us and hopes that we can provide him with relevant documents. After receiving this email, our project engineer immediately contacts him and answered many questions raised by customers.

During the process of using this boiler, the customer found that the flue gas temperature of the boiler was very high. Therefore, our project engineer confirmed with the seller and found that this steam boiler is a central backfire boiler.

As we all know, the thermal efficiency of central backfire boilers is lower than three-pass boilers'. (It produces the same amount of steam, and the three-pass boiler uses about 2% less fuel than the central backfire boilers) EPCB engineers reported the above problems to the customer.

The customer has been engaged in the brewery industry for many years, he knows it very well and believes in our reminder. For factories with larger annual production capacity, 2% of the fuel is a lot of expense. Therefore, the customer hopes to purchase a three-pass boiler to replace the current central backfire boilers.

After consulting several suppliers, the customer found that they could not produce a three-pass 2T/h steam boiler, while EPCB could. Therefore, he purchased a three-pass 2T/h steam boiler from EPCB.


Knowing that the customer is in urgent need, EPCB engineers opened an expedited production channel, and the original delivery time of 45 days was shortened to 30 days.


EPCB has created the max value of boilers for Mauritius customers through professional, one-stop efficient and considerate service, and won the trust of customers, which laid the foundation for in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the future.


If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Manager and we will get back to you as soon as possible
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