10.5MW Natural Gas Fired Central Heating Boilers Sale in Uzbekistan

Mode: Natural Gas Boiler

Capacity: 10.5MW

Application: Hotel & SPA Centre

This project is a boiler room for the central heating of a leisure and entertainment center. Including hotels, leisure centers, shopping malls. Fitness center, etc.

The fuel of the whole heating system is natural gas. The boiler is a three return structure. The heating area is sufficient and the thermal efficiency of the boiler is very high. The heat exchange system adopts the heat exchanger with high efficiency to reduce the waste of heat energy. Fully achieve energy conservation.

In flue gas treatment, we adopt the treatment mode of energy-saving device and condenser coexisting. Make full use of preheating in the flue gas. Keep the discharge temperature at about 100 ℃.

The service life of the whole hot water system is about 20 years.

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