How to Choose Boiler for Printing and Dyeing Industry?--How Can you Save Money on Your Energy Bills?

July 15, 2022

As a kind of clean energy boiler, natural gas is widely used in printing and dyeing enterprises because of its environmental protection and energy-saving. A natural gas-fired steam boiler not only has the advantage of high thermal efficiency but also can reduce the pollution emission of printing and dyeing enterprises, which is favored by many printing and dyeing enterprises.


Due to the wide application of gas boilers in the printing and dyeing industry, many printing and dyeing enterprises have a feverish mood for purchasing gas-fired boiler when selecting boilers. However, no matter how strong the purchase enthusiasm is, it cannot be ignored. The key factor affecting their choice lies in whether this type of boiler meets their own needs and meets their operating conditions.


How to Choose Boiler for Printing and Dyeing Industry?


3 things you need to consider when choosing a boiler for your printing and dyeing plant


Since different printing and dyeing enterprises have different production scales and production processes, if they want to choose one that suits them best. The boiler is very important to judge its own operating conditions according to its own circumstances and then choose an appropriate boiler model So that it can create more profits for itself. Therefore, we need:


1. According to the production scale of printing and dyeing enterprises, we can know that the steam demand is different, and then we can choose the boiler type according to the actual steam demand level;


2. The production process of printing and dyeing enterprises has certain differences, which will cause different air humidity and indoor temperature conditions during operation In addition, under such circumstances, they need to choose suitable boilers;


3. It is also necessary to take into account the enterprise's own economic strength when choosing a boiler. 

For example, large-scale printing and dyeing enterprises have strong economic strength and are not afraid of short-term investment. They can choose some advanced equipment with higher price but better performance.However, for small and medium-sized printing and dyeing enterprises , Choose some cheaper but with better economic benefits. The boiler can also create more profits for itself.


The above are some considerations for choosing boilers for printing and dyeing enterprises. I hope it will be helpful to you when you purchase gas-fired boilers printing and dyeing enterprises should pay attention to these issues, so that they can choose suitable equipment according to their own conditions and operating needs. Equipment, in addition, no matter what kind of boiler is selected, the manufacturer's strength must be considered before purchase. 

Only by selecting a well-known and reliable brand with strong manufacturing technology strength Can we have after-sales guarantee and technical support when problems occur during use we don't have to worry about after-sales problems.


Printing and Dyeing Industry Pain Points


The printing and dyeing industry often has to deal with a large amount of wastewater, which can make it difficult to recover high-temperature steam and save on costs. In addition, the boiler systems that are purchased may not be able to provide a stable production environment for the printing and dyeing plant, resulting in colors that are not consistent and printing that cannot be dried. As a result, the industry often faces many difficulties and challenges when trying to use boiler systems.


In summary, there are three pain points in the printing and dyeing industry:


1. The large amount of waste heat in the printing and dyeing wastewater cannot be utilized, resulting in high temperature steam that is not conducive to recycling, and is worried that it will not be able to save costs.

2. The purchased boiler system cannot provide a stable high temperature production environment for the printing and dyeing plant.

3. The boiler cannot provide you with a stable steam environment, resulting in the printing and dyeing color, and the printing cannot be dried.



How does the Boiler Help the Printing and Dyeing Industry?


Making good use of boilers can help the printing and dyeing industry in many ways.


  • For instance, using boiler-generated steam can speed up the dyeing process and improve fabric quality.


  • Boilers can also be used to generate hot water for cleaning and pretreatment processes.


  • And lastly, boiler insulation can help keep heating costs down.


Thus, incorporating boilers into print and dye operations can lead to increased efficiency and sustainability.


1. Boilers can help the printing and dyeing industry by providing a continuous and stable high temperature supply, which can help improve production efficiency.


2. Boilers can also help by recovering the heat in the exhaust gas or the heat in the medium for factory production, which can help reduce energy costs.


3. Big brand water supply systems can also help by providing continuous and stable water supply to the factory, which can help reduce production costs.


4. The right boiler system, equipped with thermal oil circulation pump, can help ensure that the printing and dyeing factory gets a continuous and stable high temperature supply. This can help improve production efficiency and reduce energy costs.




The printing and dyeing industry is one that requires a great deal of energy in order to produce printing and dyeings. Steam boilers are a necessary piece of equipment for this industry, and it’s important to select the right boiler to fit your specific needs. Here at EPCB Boiler, we have a wide range of boilers that can be customized for your unique application. We also offer aftermarket services and support so you can keep your boiler running smoothly for years to come. If you’re in the printing or dyeing industry, don’t wait any longer – choose a EPCB Boiler.

EPCB,your private boiler system expert!

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