1.2Million Kcal/h Oil & Gas Dual Fuel Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

The thermal oil boiler is used in oil refinery factory. High temperature environment is needed in the production process of the factory. After the field investigation of EPCB’s local staff, we found the customer’s natural gas is not enough, so we suggested the customer use a oil gas dual fuel fired steam boiler to avoid delay in factory production.
In the beginning, the customer paid much attention to the cost. The price in our boiler quotation may be higher than that of other suppliers in boiler industry. Because the product we provided has high quality, and we can offer the full range of services once the purchase ensured.
For the thermal oil boiler system, the whole connection arrangement of all equipment is a key. After communication with relevant equipment suppliers and on-site inspection, our engineers have given 3 sets of professional boiler room layouts for our customer to select. The customer was very satisfied with our sincere service and finally confirmed the order.
EPCB’S professional engineers came to the customer’s boiler room and gave the installation guidance, patiently solved technical problems for the customer, and organized a safety operation training for the stoker and customer’s engineers. EPCB got the consistent praise of customers.

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